YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Premium v2.0.10

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes wordpress plugin for woocommerce allows you to add barcodes and QR codes automatically to your registered or virtual products. With this plugin, you will be able to integrate ready-to-use barcodes. It gives you the opportunity to generate, update, and apply bar codes on your products from the WordPress administrator panel, as easily and without writing codes.

Salient Features of YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Premium

  • Assign A Barcode Or A Qr Code To Orders And/Or To Products
  • Choose The Procedure To Use To Generate The Codes
  • Generate Codes For Orders And/Or New Products Automatically
  • 9 Product Barcode Protocols Available
  • Generate Codes For The Products Already Available In Your Shop In An Automatic Way
  • Scan And Search Orders And Products By Barcode
  • Show The Barcode In Product Detail Page
  • Insert The Barcode Assigned To The Order In The Email
  • Insert In The Email The Barcode Assigned To The Product Included In The Order
  • Generate Barcode For Variable Products
  • Store The User That Completed The Order With A Barcode Scan
  • Print All Your Product Barcodes In A Pdf File, Variations Included
  • Much More

What’s New (Changelog) in YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Premium

Latest Version 2.0.10 – Released on: April 06, 2021

  • New: support for WooCommerce 5.2
  • Tweak: Improved the print barcodes options
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • And Some other minor options and settings updated

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YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes Demo and Sales Page


YITH WooCommerce Barcodes Free Download

Mirror: https://mir.cr/2QHLO12H

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