YITH Live Chat Premium v1.5.5

YITH Live Chat is the next generation of live chat for WordPress. With YITH Live Chat, you can display a live chat window on your website so that visitors can easily contact you from within any page or post. You can customize the look of the live chat window to fit into your website design with a few clicks and easily manage all interactions.

Salient Features of YITH Live Chat Premium Version Plugin for WordPress

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL Version YITH Live Chat nulled plugin and for those who want to know the full features of this theme then check the demo site and if will not suitable for you then you can check out the other YITH WooCommerce plugins and addons on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Customization of the chat messages (Chat Title, Welcome Message, Starting Chat Message, Closing Chat Message, Offline Message, Busy Message)
  • No more than two conversations at the same time
  • Freedom to have all the conversations at the same time as you want
  • Customization of the agent’s profile
  • Enable the chat capability to other WordPress roles
  • Disable the chat popup on mobile devices
  • Disable the chat popup for not logged users
  • Users can send offline messages when the chat console is not available
  • “Chat logs” section to control all the saved conversations
  • Each user can ask for the transcription of the conversation via email
  • Each copy of the conversations can be sent to one or more emails set in the option panel
  • Chat session evaluation of the user (good/bad)
  • Advanced customization of the interface
  • Chat duration timer
  • Deactivate the chat system when no operator is online
  • Compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor: users can send messages to vendors with the chat available in the related vendor detail page
  • Show chat window on every page of your shop or only on some specific ones
  • Show the chat window on home, blog, shop and product pages
  • Show the chat window in different spots of the page
  • Configure macros for your operators so that they can reduce answer time usign pre-set answers
  • Connect the chat popup to a link when it opens

What’s New (Changelog) in YITH Live Chat v1.5.5

Released on 24 2021 – Version 1.5.5

Update: YITH plugin framework
Compatiblity Improvements
Minor Bug fixes
Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

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Sales Page and Live Demo of Yith Live Chat WordPress Plugin


YITH Live Chat Premium Free Download

Send-cm: https://send.cm/9m64ht1ip67y

Mirror: https://mir.cr/02BWVS1J

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