WP Staging Pro v4.0.3 Plugin

WP Staging Pro is an easy way to replicate all of your modified data and files from your staging site to the live site. It stays entirely on your server, and never sends any of your data to any third parties. Simply install it on both sites, make sure you’ve set up the correct options, and you’re ready to go.

You can update files and data on your live site without ever copying the full content to another location. Everything is pushed from your staging environment where you can do all the modifications you need, to your live site environment directly from the WordPress dashboard.

Core Features of WP Staging Pro – One-Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version WP Staging Pro nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugins on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Light Weight
  • Copy db & files from staging to live site
  • User Friendly
  • Exclude specific db tables & folders
  • Very fast cloning process
  • User roles authentication
  • Even huge websites are supported
  • Very simple to use

Changelog of WP Staging Pro v4.0.3

  • Dev: Add wrapper methods for deprecated hooks functions to support WordPress < 4.6 #1209
  • Enh: Allow backups on the staging site #1172
  • Enh: Allow filtering the Backup directory using the wpstg.backup.directory filter #1167
  • Enh: Also show disabled permalink message in disabled items notice on the staging site and show a page builder (DIVI, Elementor etc) not working help link in wpstg page footer #1150
  • Enh: Decouple clone name and clone ID for better usage #1158
  • Enh: Remove deprecated hooks call #1209
  • Enh: Show issue notice if backups is created on version >= 4.0.2 #1198
  • Enh: Show warning during restore if Backup was created on a server with PHP ini “short_open_tags”, and restoring on a server with it disabled #1129
  • Fix: Add missing back button and hide cancel button after clone UPDATE and clone RESET #1207
  • Fix: Allow backup restore with a warning if file count is different than expected, improve backup file count logic #1189
  • Fix: Check available free disk space on large disks on 32-bit PHP #1179
  • Fix: Cloning a site resets the settings to the default ones #1183
  • Fix: Fix a bug in the backup export logic that would loop when encountering a file with non-empty contents that PHP would evaluate as false #1126
  • Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would not prefix the table name if a MySQL View is selecting data from another MySQL View #1155
  • Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would prevent user from logging in after restoring a backup on a site with a different WPDb prefix #1169
  • Fix: Fix a bug on backup restore that would fail when trying to create a MySQL View that selects data from another MySQL View that has not been created yet due to order of creation #1155
  • Fix: Fix a bug where a PHP memory_limit of -1 (Unlimited) would be interpreted as 64MB, now it’s interpreted as 512MB #1178
  • Fix: Fix an issue when canceling a push confirm redirects to empty page #1206
  • Fix: Fix Clone RESET and Clone DELETE when unable to delete file due to permission error #1196
  • Fix: Fix download of .wpstg files on Bitnami/AWS Lightsail servers #1181
  • Fix: Fix Error in JS console related to registering of main-menu in page where it was not available #1205
  • Fix: Fix issue where backup tmp folder cleaning process closes logs modal #1157
  • Fix: Fix issue where tab triangle was inconsistent by using css based tab triangle #1148
  • Fix: Fix staging site when site has freemius script #1112
  • Fix: Fix the problem when unable to access the staging site because production site have different siteurl or home url and either one of them is having www. prefix #1136
  • Fix: Prefix ‘wpstg’ to sweetalerts Swal to avoid conflict with its other versions #1125
  • Fix: Reduce time to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA on some shared hosts from ~10s to one millisecond #1154
  • Fix: Remove usages of abstract static methods that would violate strict PHP checks #1185
  • Fix: Restore a backup with VIEWs or TABLEs with special MySQL configurations such as DEFINER #1139
  • Fix: Set default values for wpstg settings on plugin activate event if wpstg settings not already set #1135
  • New: Show notice if uploads dir is outside WP Root #1138
  • New: Support WordPress 5.8

Live Preview and Sales Page of WP Staging Pro Plugin


Free Download WP Staging Pro Plugin

Mirror: https://mir.cr/1SRRZWRC

Send-cm: https://send.cm/ulop96ptv4pg

License Key (If Asked): B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930

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