(NEW!) WP Safelink v4.3.10 + License Key & Client Version

Are you in search of a plugin to protect your downloadable link? Do you really want to increase your Adsense revenue? Free Download WP Safelink v4.3.10 with License Key [Updated Version]. We have provided the plugin for free download. The links are given in the below section along with the key. Similarly, you can also find your required plugins and themes on our site. We keep on providing the updated versions of the content on our site.

WP Safelink is one of the best plugins to provide a safe environment for your website. Most probably when you are using downloadable content on your website. It not only provides a safe environment but also causes an increase in your revenue. It shortens your external links downloadable links and leads them to a separate page. You can set a countdown timer to provide a download link on that page.

The amazing plugin is designed by themeson.com and the first release was made in 2017 Only a premium version of the plugin is available. Forehead publisher website is one of the most suitable play again to increase the revenue.  There are many premium features are added to this plugin. 

Along with all of these facilities it also makes your website a trusted site. In this way, it covers the policy violations to Adsense and other ads Publishers i.e. media.net, infolinks. You can easily become an ad publisher on your downloadable website by using this plugin. 

It also leads to enable AdSense ads publisher even on the website providing the pirated content. 

The plugin is kept lightweight by using modern coding languages. The complete size of the blood gain is within a few KBs. Many of the amazing features are included such as anti-Adblockanti Adblock,  URL shortener and up to 3 redirect safe link pages. 

The anti-Adblock (just like DeBlocker) functionality of the plugin automatically detects the Adblock extension in the user’s Browser. In this way, it provides valuable content while generating revenue for your website. Similarly, the consecutive 3 redirect Safelinks pages. Each of the pages is provided with a countdown timer before displaying the link. Overall this is one of the best plugins to make money from the ads Publication and reduces the chances of your ad publisher account suspension.

Salient Features of WP Safelink – WordPress Link Shortner Plugin

The above so section discloses some of the basic information about the plugin. However, we have dedicated this section to the amazing features of WP safelink. A detailed list is given below. You may like to go through the features of the plugin before using it on your website.

A list of the features of the plugin is given below:

  • The file size of the plugin is kept into a few KBs. It does not harm your website’s loading speed. Moreover, modern languages are used for the coding of this plugin. You can defer non-required files and coding via Asset CleanUp Pro.
  • A separate user dashboard is provided in the WP dashboard. It provides an easy to handle links environment. The interface of the plugin is well designed and kept simple.
  • The working environment of the plugin is user’s friendly. The one who is installing or using this planning for the first time can easily handle all the functionalities.
  • It automatically turns the external links on your web pages into the links that will generate money by showing ads. You can set a customized page for ads and redirect your links to that page. Not only an auto-link generation but you can do this job manually.
  • In the latest versions, a short and long link generator is also added. This tool can be used to shorten or make your links lengthy. You can choose the length of your links to look more professional 
  • A special module is added to count the views and clicks on each of your external link. You can track the views and clicks by the visitors. 
  • Up to three permalinks pages support. How to increase your ads revenue? You can set up to 3 consecutive redirecting pages for showing ads to your audience.
  • Anti Adblock feature is added to the package. It automatically detects the anti-Adblock extension in the user’s Browser. Once it detects the ad blocker in the user’s browser it asks them to disable the adblocker.
  • There are many other amazing features such as unlimited redirect page loop Adlinkfly integration and WP safelink client.

A Quick Info About WP Safelink Plugin

Plugin NameWP Safelink
File TypeOriginal
Activation KeyYes
Unlimited DomainYes

Sales Page and Demo of WP Safelink WordPress Plugin


Free Download WP Safelink Plugin Latest Version

It is an original version not NULLED or Cracked and it works perfectly with license key.

Upfiles (Latest Version 4.3.10): https://upfiles.com/Blsky

// Previous Version 4.3.8

Upfiles: https://upfiles.com/HLVC7

So, To Get Unlimited Domains License Key Simply Join Our Telegram Group and Paste / Write #wpsafelinklicensekey, you’ll get an activation key.

WP Safelink Client Version Free Download

Client Version is an addon/extension for WP Safelink WordPress Plugin which can install it on your client or another website. It helps you to redirect one domain to another by integration.

Send-cm (Latest Version 1.0.3): https://send.cm/iuvbd96xo83g

Installion Guide for Client Version: Please Install it on another domain where you want to redirect or integrate.


I hope, if you are facing a problem, with your site content and ads publishers, you will get it fix via this plugin. WP Safelink WordPress Plugin offers the best practice with higher revenue in ads publishing.

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