weForms PRO v1.3.16 [Business] WP Plugin

This is the Pro version of weForms Contact Form Builder. With weForms Pro, create contact forms easily and quickly. You can build a beautiful form in minutes without writing even a single line of code. Using its powerful features, you can also create complex forms to suit your needs. Using its powerful features, you can also create complex forms to suit your needs.

Core Features of weForms – Easy Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder For WordPress

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version weForms Pro nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Drag-and-drop builder : Build your dream form with a full-featured drag-and-drop form editing option.
  • Import and Export Forms: Use quick form import and export options that allow you to start from where you left off.
  • Mobile-friendly forms: Be 100% mobile responsive when running your contact form via any mobile device.
  • Mail Support: Get full mail support in custom HTML mail and email templates.
  • Email data: Connect your form to several email services to receive sent data in email.
  • Anti Spam & reCaptcha: Eliminate spam entries with reCaptcha to get rid of spam messages and sign up with WordPress forms.
  • Slack integration: Receive notifications through your Slack channel whenever any user submits a form using weForms.
  • Column Fields : Build a form to add any fields in a column, or resize them the way you need to to create a dynamic form for your website.
  • Real-time live preview: Preview the form you created in live, as it will appear on the web page.
  • Form Expiration Time: Set a form expiration date to render the form invalid at a certain date or time.
  • Entry restrictions: Easily limit the number of items for each individual form by setting a maximum form submission limit.
  • A page submitted via AJAX: Submit the form without refreshing the page as it is done with AJAX.
  • Field customization options: Form fields are available with a variety of built-in options for creating more custom forms.
  • Form Redirects : Redirect any submitted form to your website to increase your traffic gathering more leads.
  • Unlimited Forms: Create as many forms as you want and collect all the data you need with as many fields as you want.
  • Predefined and customizable templates: Save a lot of time by using unique and customizable form templates.
  • Form submission notification: Never miss a notification to stay up to date when someone submits a form using weForms.
  • Manage form submissions: Manage form submissions for data collection without the hassle of backend coding.

What’s New in weForms PRO v1.3.16 [Business] (Changelog)

  • Fix: Updated admin notices to better conform to WordPress design standards, and configured them to only show on WeForms pages.
  • Update: Removed FortressDB admin notice.
  • Update: Updated axios dependancy

Live Preview and Sales Page of WeForms Business Plugin

Send-cm: https://send.cm/2zm4nu53rzvm

Mirror: https://mir.cr/CTINPCIU

weForms PRO Plugin Free Download Business

Send-cm: https://send.cm/2zm4nu53rzvm

Mirror: https://mir.cr/CTINPCIU

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