UserPro v4.9.40 (With Addons) WP Plugin

UserPro is a wordpress plugin that offers beautiful front-end profiles, login and registration for the WordPress. It is packed with so many features and control, It is more than just a user profiles plugin. UserPro comes with many extra features in addition to the beautiful user profiles, login and registration, member directory.

Core Features of UserPRO – Community & User Profile WordPress Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version UserPro nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • Users can set their password during registration
  • Users can register with e-mail address
  • Users may login with username or e-mail
  • Frontend password reset and password change. A unique front-end password reset tool!
  • Users will never see your website’s back-end. Users receive a secret key (custom e-mail) and they can reset account password by validating their code.
  • Redirect user to a custom page after login
  • Redirect user to a custom page after registration
  • Refresh the same page after login/registration
  • Manually Approve New Users, Require e-mail validation, or Auto-Approve new signups!
  • Administration panel to approve/reject registrations and verify users
  • Improved plugin performance
  • Block / Unblock user accounts
  • CSV Export / Import Users
  • Create multiple front-end registration forms
  • Assign a specific User Role automatically for each registration form
  • Customizable Front-end Registration/Login UserPro – Community and User Profile
  • Customizable Front-end User Profiles
  • Unlimited custom fields plus many pre-defined fields
  • Uses WordPress user meta to ensure compatibility with other plugins
  • Automatic Video Embeds by video URL only
  • Create Date Picker fields
  • Create unlimited file & photo upload fields
  • Create unlimited HTML fields
  • Create required fields
  • Create locked or private fields
  • Create hidden fields
  • Block Usernames and E-mails from Login/Registration
  • Automatic Phone Number Validation
  • Automatic Form Field Length Validation
  • Allow user to hide fields from public view
  • Organize fields into collapsible tabs
  • Set specific custom fields to be accessible by specific user roles
  • User Badges and Achievements
  • Stop Spam registration on your site using Google reCAPTCHA
  • Replaces the default WordPress e-mail notifications
  • Customize the name and e-mail that appear on outgoing e-mails
  • Custom Welcome e-mail
  • Custom Reset Password e-mail notification
  • Custom e-mail notification to invite users to Get Verified!
  • Custom e-mail notifications sent to user
  • Custom e-mail notifications sent to admin

Changelog of UserPro v4.9.40

Released on 12 July 2021 – Version 4.9.40

  • – Security fix: User posts
  • – Security fix: Reset password by URL will always return generic response
  • – Enhancement: Date to age converter is now more dynamic with separators
  • – Fixed bug: Min length validation (empty fields will no longer pass it)
  • – Fixed bug: EMD filter with select field – no longer adds backslash to apostrophe or doesn’t work
  • – Fixed bug: Request verification
  • – Fixed bug: Some servers had issues with google oAUTH file import
  • – Fixed bug: WPML ?lang format issue with profiles/redirects
  • – Fixed bug: Warning in a file “fields-functions”

List of Add-ons for UserPro Plugin:

It comes with a huge addons bundle which has 5 different addons or extensions and below you can see the list.

UserPro addons bundle includes:

  • UserPro Dashboard
  • Private Messages for UserPro
  • WooCommerce integration for UserPro
  • WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro
  • Tags addon for UserPro

1. UserPro Dashboard

Controlling user profiles has never been so easy. Use the UserPro dashboard to quickly change the design and information of user profiles.

Talking of saving time and ease of use? UserPro dashboard is what you need.

UserPro Dashboard Features:

Userpro Addons Bundle - 2  Build custom profile page using 14 ready-to-use widgets
Userpro Addons Bundle - 3  Easy drag and drop design
Userpro Addons Bundle - 4  Create custom widgets. Ability to use shortcodes in custom widgets created by administrator
Userpro Addons Bundle - 5  Admin can now setup custom design layout for all users
Userpro Addons Bundle - 6  Manage posts directly from dashboard
Userpro Addons Bundle - 7  Support for multiple languages – French, German and Spanish

2. Private Messages for UserPro

Use this addon to add a private messaging feature to your UserPro website. It comes with features like quick reply, emoticons, new message ajax notifications, and easy conversations.

This feature is fully responsive and looks great across all devices and screen sizes.

Private Messages for UserPro Features:

Userpro Addons Bundle - 8  Allow Users to Send and Receive Private Messages
Userpro Addons Bundle - 9  Sends notifications to users when they receive a message
Userpro Addons Bundle - 10  Trigger messages from any custom link !
Userpro Addons Bundle - 11   Ability to broadcast a message to all users.A success / failure notification is sent after the broadcast is completed.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 12  Administrators can restrict broadcasting by selecting which user roles have permission to broadcast
Userpro Addons Bundle - 13  You can add a Note that gets added to the footer of all private messages.You can use this to set up disclaimers or any other important notes. For example, “XYZ website is not responsible for all messages sent via this website by any user.”
Userpro Addons Bundle - 14  Users can block/unblock other users from messaging

3. WooCommerce integration for UserPro

This addon enables you to seamlessly integrate WooCommerce with UserPro.

WooCommerce integration for UserPro Features:

Userpro Addons Bundle - 15  List recently purchased products on profile page
Userpro Addons Bundle - 16  View order details from profile page
Userpro Addons Bundle - 17  Re-order from your profile page
Userpro Addons Bundle - 18  Display total number of orders and total amount on ‘Orders Tab’
Userpro Addons Bundle - 19  Addon supports 7 different languages including French, Spanish
Userpro Addons Bundle - 20  Login & Register with UserPro forms at WooCommerce checkout

4. WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro

Bookmarking is useful and an important feature. This addon allows your users to bookmark any content the want, posts, categories, custom posts, forum topics, and also manage their bookmarks into collections.

This addon integrates seamlessly with any theme. There couldn’t be a simpler way to show the bookmarks and bookmark widget on a website.

WordPress User Bookmarks for UserPro Features

Userpro Addons Bundle - 21  Works with any custom post type!
Userpro Addons Bundle - 22  Users can create their favourite collections and choose to set them up as private or public (visible to all)
Userpro Addons Bundle - 23  Ajax-powered, very fast execution!
Userpro Addons Bundle - 24  Show the bookmark widget via dynamic sidebar widget
Userpro Addons Bundle - 25  Show the bookmark widget via automatic mode below post content (You can customize which post types are allowed and exclude certain posts)
Userpro Addons Bundle - 26  Show the bookmark widget via shortcode [userpro_bookmark]
Userpro Addons Bundle - 27  Users can manage their collections and view bookmarks with a simple shortcode: [userpro_bookmarklist]
Userpro Addons Bundle - 28  Shortcodes/PHP methods to display the bookmark widget/collections
Userpro Addons Bundle - 29  Comes with its own API for advanced use!

5. Tags addon for UserPro

Tagging is the best way to classify or group the users in your member directory. Using this addon, you can allow the users to select different tags while registering.

Tags addon features:

Userpro Addons Bundle - 30  From backend admin can add tags field anywhere in the ‘Registration Form’ or ‘Edit Profile’ section.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 31  Users can select the tags created by Admin, on their profile or while registering.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 32  When the tag is hovered over, a description can be dispalyed on the user’s profile. This description is optional.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 33  Tags can be displayed on profile form in main profile area or in profile header area.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 34  Allows members to see all users on the member directory when they click on a tag.
Userpro Addons Bundle - 35  Admin can limit the number of tags allowed for the users.

Sales Page and Live Demo of UserPro WP Plugin

UserPro WordPress Plugin Free Download



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