Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon v2.2.8

With the Ultimate Member Private Messages Extension WordPress Plugin, you can add a private messaging system to your site and allow users to message each other securely without requiring them to leave your site. With just a few clicks, you can add the Ultimate Member Private Messages Extension WordPress Plugin to your site quickly and easily. Start allowing members to communicate directly through your site today!

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Salient Features of Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon WordPress Plugin

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version Ultimate Member Private Messages that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Allows users to send private messages to other users
  • Adds a message button to user profiles which lets users send a private message to that user via messages modal
  • Adds a messages tab to each user profile so users can view all conversations and read/send private messages from profile
  • Automatic refresh of private messages
  • Ability to add emoticons to each private message easily
  • Option to set a maximum number of characters allowed in each conversation reply
  • Adds option to user account page for users to decide if they want to receive private messages or not
  • Sends an e-mail notification to users when someone starts a new conversation with them
  • Adds option to user account page so users can turn on/off receiving an e-mail notification for new conversations
  • Control which user roles can use private messages
  • Control which user roles can send or receive private messages
  • Limit the number of new conversations a user role can create within a certain timeframe
  • Includes block feature so users can block specific users from messaging them and also provides a way to unblock users from account page
  • Messages accept plain text, with urls automatically converted into links (No other HTML is accepted in messages)
  • Show unread messages count in your menu easily using the {new_messages} tag
  • Much more

What’s New (Changelog) in Ultimate Member Private Messages v2.2.8

Released on 11 Aug 2020 – Version 2.2.8

* Added: The default value for attribute "user_id" of the shortcode [ultimatemember_message_button]
* Added: *.pot translations file
* Added: CSS for messages button at the profile page
* Added: 3rd party integrations hook in settings section
* Fixed: Security vulnerability with getting conversations content
* Fixed: Modal Login form with reCAPTCHA
* Fixed: Modal windows links
* Fixed: URLs with # symbol
* Tweak: apply_shortcodes() function support

Ultimate Member Private Messages Extension Demo and Sales Page


Ultimate Member Private Messages Free Download

Mirror: https://mir.cr/074TLW5I

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