Thrive Comments v1.8.1 WordPress Plugin

Thrive Comments plugin is a new kind of commenting and community system for your wordpress site. It allows readers to be notified of new posts and new comments, lets you display a thank-you message, encourages them to share your article, displays related posts and redirects the user to the URL of your choosing.

Salient Features of Thrive Comments – The Superior Comments Plugin for WordPress

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version Thrive Comments that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • Conversion Focused Comments
    Your first time commenter is presented with a special offer in exchange for their email address.
  • Addictive Encouragement
    Gamified incentives keep your commenters involved, rewarding and encouraging positive interactions through badges, up-votes, and featured comments.
  • Access to Unspoken Opinions
    With one click, a visitor can give an exceptional comment an up-vote, or share the comment on their Facebook account.
  • Oops-Proof Workflow
    You go to your Comment Moderation Dashboard and you’ve got all the comments that require your attention in one place.
  • One-Click Delegation
    Click → assign to contributor. Next time that contributor logs into WordPress, they’ve got a handy list of all the comments they need to reply to.
  • Automatic Resource Links
    Type the word and bam! A link is generated. You can auto-link certain words (like “support forum” or “Thrive Architect”) and they’ll automatically link to the right resource.

What’s New (Changelog) in Thrive Comments v1.8.1

Released on 11 August 2021 – Version 1.8.1

  • Project Lightspeed – fixes for Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder stand-alone
  • Fix for Thrive Architect editor – mobile view, where the content is not centered anymore after the latest update
  • Fixed error messages related to undefined function calls when using a single Thrive product, which doesn’t include TAR/visual editing capabilities (e.g. only TC installed on the site, Legacy Themes)
  • Fixed issues with Leads forms on content built with third party page builders
  • Fixed layout issues after Lightspeed Optimization
  • Project Lightspeed – included compatibilities with WPFastestCache, WPRocket, WP Optimize & Autoptimize

Sales Page and Live Demo of Thrive Comments WP Plugin

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