Polylang for WooCommerce v1.5.6

Polylang for WooCommerce is the most powerful and intuitive WordPress plugin for translation purposes. It allows you to translate each product, category, tag, attribute, option and custom fields individually via integration with WooCommerce.

You’ll have a fully functional multistore so that your clients can buy in their native language on your site. You’ll be able to save money thanks to translations of prices, and automatically synced data such as stock and price. Polylang automatically detects a buyer’s location and sends him the appropriate emails

Core Features of Polylang for WooCommerce – WordPress Multilingual Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version WooCommerce Polylang nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • WooCommerce pages and translations generated in 3 clicks
  • Products, categories, tags, shipping classes, global attributes are all translatable.
  • Categories, tags, shipping classes, attributes, product images, product galleries, stocks are synchronized across translations. Other metas are copied when creating a translation.
  • Reports consider all translations as one product.
  • Duplicating a product duplicates its translations too.
  • Orders are assigned a language, making emails sent to the customer in that language.
  • With Polylang Pro, urls (including endpoints) are translatable in the strings translations table.
  • The cart is synchronized across languages (does not work for subdomains and multiple domains yet).

Changelog of Polylang WooCommerce v1.5.6

Released on 6 July 2021 – Version 1.5.6

  •  WordPress 5.8: fix a fatal error with the legacy widget preview in the new widget block editor
  • * Use a text area for email additionnal content translations
  • * Fix filter “In stock” for bulk translated products
  • * WC Bookings: fix product translations not added to existing bookings
  • * WC Bookings: fix relationship between product and booking duplicated in database when saving a product

Sales Page and Live Demo of WooCommerce Polylang WP Plugin


Polylang WooCommerce Plugin Free Download

Sendcm: https://send.cm/euhjbqh25wd8

Mirror: https://mir.cr/Q688NQ7O

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