My Sticky Elements WordPress Plugin v2.0.3

My Sticky Elements is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to create sticky posts (sticky element) in WordPress and when the page loads for the first time, all the sticky posts will be displayed.

Thus, it will be displayed on the top of the page in a new window/tab. When you close down that tab/window, it creates a new request to load the next group of sticky posts; and, this way it continues until all the sticky posts have been loaded.

Core Features of My Sticky Elements: Floating Contact Form, Call, Chat WordPress Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version My Sticky Elements nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • Send leads to email
  • Unlimited icons
  • Custom CSS style
  • Upload your own icons
  • Custom position (height)
  • Show a floating tab for contact form
  • Show floating social icons
  • Show your phone number, email and open hours
  • Display on desktop and mobile
  • Remove “get widget” credit

Changelog of My Sticky Elements v2.0.3

Released on 4 July 2021 – Version 2.0.3

  • Show unlimited tabs at the same time (contact form + 29 social icons + 3 custom icons + 3 shortcode, HTML, and IFrame icons)
  • Get the leads for your contact form directly to your email
  • Upload up to 6 custom icons for your tabs. You can use it to link to your click to chat provider or any other relevant website or in-site page. You can use it as a plain link to any website, or as a Javascript to trigger any chat provider or any other Javascript triggered service.
  • Page targeting – show or hide your contact form, chat, call, and social networks channels on specific pages. Use our advanced page targeting rules (contain, exact match, starting with, and ending with) to show and hide the widget
  • Country targeting – display or hide your contact us form, chat icons, and social buttons for specific countries

Sales Page and Demo of My Sticky Elements WP Plugin

Free Download My Sticky Elements Pro Plugin



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