Media Library Organizer Pro v1.3.2 WP Plugin

Media Library Organizer plugin for WordPress is created to search, organize, upload/insert media and run more efficiently by separating media content into logical categories (categories include: images , video , audio etc). This plugin will help you organize your Media Library with ease. It has the ability to create unlimited number of media categories, show/hide category names and descriptions so that they are visible only to logged in users, assign icons to category names/descriptions, set category description as featured image and much

Salient Features of Media Library Organizer Pro By WP Media Library

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version Media Library Organizer Pro that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • Auto Categorization:
  • Automatically categorize images uploaded through WordPress using image recognition
  • Bulk and Quick Edit Media:
  • Bulk and Quick Edit Titles, Descriptions, Categories and more
  • Default Attributes:
  • Define Default Titles, Alt Tags, Captions, Descriptions and Categories for newly uploaded files where no data is specified
  • Duplicate Attachments:
  • Duplicate one or more attachments in the Media Library
  • Dynamic Galleries:
  • Extend WordPress’ shortcode, building paginated, dynamic galleries by Media Category, Author, Search Terms and more.
  • EXIF and IPTC:
  • Read, write and display EXIF, GPS and IPTC (IIM and XMP) image data, and map this data to newly uploaded images
  • Output:
  • Change the size of thumbnails in the Media Library
  • Taxonomy Manager:
  • Define additional Taxonomies alongside Media Categories – for example, Size, Color, Product Make
  • ZIP and Unzip:
  • Automatically unzip files when uploaded to the Media Library, and zip multiple Media Library files
  • Categorize images, video, other media and attachments with an unlimited number of categories and sub categories.
  • Search and filter attachments by category in all Media Library Views, including the Featured Image, Media Library List, Media Library Grid, Page Builders, ACF and more
  • Bulk categorize multiple attachments using the Tree View
  • Add Media Categories
  • Edit Media Categories
  • Delete Media Categories
  • Drag and drop individual Attachments to a Category
  • Drag and drop multiple Attachments to a Category
  • Categorize images, video, other media and attachments by creating any number of Media Categories
  • Works with all Media Library views (Featured Image, Image Picker, Media Library List, Media Library Grid, Editing a Media Library item)
  • Works with most Page Builders
  • Tree View for easy searching, filtering and Bulk Categorization with no limit on the number of Categories or Subcategories
  • Search Media by Category
  • Sort Media by Category, Date or Name
  • Intuitive Category picker, seamlessly integrated into WordPress’ native UI
  • Import and Export Categories and Categorization Data from JSON or WordPress standards export file

What’s New (Changelog) in Media Library Organizer Pro v1.3.2

Released on 22 July 2021 – Version 1.3.2

  • Added: Optimizer: Control image quality of uploaded images. See Docs:
  • Added: Optimizer: Convert uploaded images to wepb format. See Docs:–webp
  • Added: Output: Option to enable or disable Infinite Scroll in Grid View for WordPress 5.8+. See Docs:

Sales Page and Demo of Media Library Organizer Pro WP Plugin

Media Library Organizer Pro Free Download



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