YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium v2.0.1

YITH Woocommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options allows you to add ‌paid‌ ‌or‌ ‌free‌ advanced ‌options‌ ‌to‌ ‌your‌ ‌product ‌pages‌ ‌using‌ ‌field‌s like‌ ‌radio‌ ‌buttons,‌ ‌checkboxes,‌ drop-downs,‌ ‌custom‌ ‌text‌ ‌inputs‌, and‌ ‌more.‌

WooCommerce allows selling any type of product and lets users choose simple variations, like size and color.

Yet, this is not enough. If you sell your products online, you most likely need more advanced options. For example, if you sell rings or jewelry, you might need to let your customers add a custom text to be engraved in a piece of jewelry or choose carats for a gemstone, the size, the color for gold.

If you sell T-shirts, cups, and other custom items, you certainly need a field to let your customers upload files, like their photos, during the checkout process. Or if you run an e-commerce site for tech products, you might want to offer warranty and assistance services for an extra cost or allow users to select a large number of options like RAM, processor, screen size, weight, etc.

Some options might have a cost higher than others or require a dependency and show only after a specific selection has been made by the user. All these scenarios need a versatile and powerful tool to help you add an unlimited number of options, of any kind, to a product page.

With YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options, you can create several blocks of options to insert in your products: after creating the block, you can add the options you need by choosing elements through an amazing library (input fields, text areas, select dropdowns, checkboxes, images, labels, radio buttons, upload fields, date pickers, etc.). For each option, you can set an additional cost, which will be added to the standard product price, and, in a few minutes, you’ll be ready to sell complex or customizable products and offer any kind of optional service to your customers.

Salient Features of YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium Version Plugin

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL Version WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Premium nulled plugin and for those who want to know the full features of this theme then check the demo site and if will not suitable for you then you can check out the other YITH WooCommerce plugins and addons on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Hide the options from specific products
  • Show the options to all users/only logged-in users/only specific user roles NEW
  • Add “textarea” options (with “limit input characters” support)
  • Add “color swatches” (with color selector and image support) NEW
  • Add “number/quantity” options
  • Add “label or image” type options
  • Add “calendar date picker” type options (with advanced settings to set a default date, a start and end year, etc.)
  • Add “file upload” type options with drag and drop support NEW
  • Add “product” options to show linked products on the main product page NEW
  • Upload an image to clarify what the option is about
  • Choose whether to replace the main product image when the option is selected
  • Choose the image position (above or under the label, on the left or right) NEW
  • Choose whether to show or not the options set in a toggle collapse section
  • Hide the option price
  • Hide the option label and description
  • Set how many options to show in each row NEW
  • Enable the grid layout to adjust the options in a grid based on the page width NEW
  • Set whether to multiply the product price by the length of the text inserted by the user (only for Text and Textarea type add-ons)
  • Set whether to multiply the product price by the quantity the user selects for a certain option (only for “number” type add-ons)
  • Set the first “X” selected options as FREE (e.g. the first 3 pizza toppings are free and included in the pizza price, but from the 4th topping the user will be charged an extra cost)
  • Replace or not the default product price with the updated price when the user selects some paid options
  • Show or not an options price total box on the product page
  • Settings for the “upload file” option: text to show, enable the “upload” button or the textual link, set the file formats and the max file size allowed
  • Set the checkbox style (square or rounded) NEW
  • Set the color swatches size and style (square or rounded) NEW
  • Set the image position for the “label/image” options NEW
  • Force label images to the same height NEW
  • Set the default position for the option label and description
  • Choose whether to show the options in a toggle collapse section or not
  • For each block of options, set whether the user can select only ONE of the options available or if can select MULTIPLE options
  • For each block of options choose whether the user has to select a minimum, maximum or an exact number of options to be able to proceed to the checkout
  • Hide the “Add to cart” buttons until the required options have a selection
  • Show or not the selected options in the cart
  • Show the image replacement in the cart
  • Hide the selected options in the emails related to the order
  • Create unlimited blocks of options
  • Add unlimited options inside each block
  • Show the block in all products/just specific products/specific product categories
  • Add HTML elements in the options block: Heading, Text, and Separator (simple border; double, dotted or dashed border; empty space)
  • Add radio type options
  • Add input text options (with “limit input characters” support)
  • Add select type options
  • Add checkbox type options (square or rounded style)
  • Set specific conditions to show or hide a block of options (e.g. show the option B only if the user sets “yes” in option A)
  • Set specific conditions to show the additional options only on specific product variations (e.g. show the options only if the product variation “color black” is selected)
  • Set the option as required or not
  • Set the option as selected by default or not
  • Choose where to display the options on the product page (before or after the “Add to cart” button)
  • Enter an optional title for each block of options and choose which heading to use (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
  • Enter a label and a description for each option
  • Show an optional tooltip for each option
  • Set if the option is free (product price doesn’t change when the option is selected)
  • Set if the option has a fixed or % cost that will increase the product price
  • Set if the option discounts the product price
  • Set the options block background and padding
  • Use the theme forms style or the custom plugin style
  • Customize the colors for borders, texts, and accent color
  • Set the tooltip colors and position (top or bottom)

What’s New (Changelog) in YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons v2.0.1

Released on 6 July 2021 – Version 2.0.1

  • New: Support for WooCommerce 5.5
  • Update: IT translation
  • Update: ES translation
  • Update: YITH plugin framework
  • Fix: Conditional logic notice
  • Fix: Fatal error in blocks list
  • Fix: Migration function
  • Fix: Minor bugs
  • Other Compatiblity Improvements
  • Some Minor Bug fixes
  • And Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

Sales Page and Live Demo of Yith WooCommerce Product Add-Ons WordPress Plugin


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