WP Activity Log Premium v4.3.1.1 Plugin

WP Activity Log is the most advanced, comprehensive and easy to use activity logging plugin for WordPress. By leveraging the power of Cryptonite, the fastest encryption, decryption and security framework for PHP, our real time user activity monitoring log keeps track on every single access made to your blog or website.

WP Activity Log has been featured on the websites of some of the most popular and leading businesses in the WordPress ecosystem, such as WPBeginner, GoDaddy, and Kinsta.

Core Features of WP Security Audit Log Premium – Comprehensive WordPress Activity Log Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version WordPress Activity Log Premium nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugins on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • See who is logged to your website in real-time,
  • See what everyone is doing in real-time,
  • Log off any user with just a click,
  • Generate HTML and CSV reports,
  • Get notified via email of important changes,
  • Get instant SMS message alerts of critical site changes,
  • Search the activity log using text-based searches,
  • Use the built-in filters to fine tune the search results,
  • Store activity log in an external database to improve security and scalability,
  • Mirror the activity log to logs management systems such as AWS CloudWatch, Loggly and Papertrail in real-time,
  • Easily mirror the logs in real-time to business communication systems such as Slack,
  • Send a copy of your websites’ activity log to a log file on your web server in real-time,
  • Archive old activity log data to another database for better storage and log management.
  • Full WordPress multisite support
  • Easily create your custom alerts &notifications to monitor additional functionality
  • Built-in support for reverse proxies and web application firewalls
  • Integration with WhatIsMyIpAddress.com allow you to get all information about an IP address with just a mouse click.
  • Limit who can view the WordPress activity log by users or roles
  • Settings to toggle (enable/disable) individual event IDs from the activity log
  • Configurable dashboard widget highlighting the most recent critical activity
  • Configurable WordPress activity log retention policies
  • User avatar is displayed in the events for better recognizability
  • Ensure user productivity
  • Improve user accountability
  • Ease troubleshooting
  • Know exactly what all your users are doing
  • Better manage & organize your WordPress site & users
  • Easily spot suspicious behavior before there are security problems.
WP Activity Log overview – The most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin

Changelog of WP Security Audit Log Premium v4.3.1.1

Released on 28 June 2021 – Version

  • Fixed an issue in which scheduled reports could not be saved, resulting in a critical error.
  • Other Compatiblity Improvements
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

Sales Page and Demo of WordPress Activity Log Plugin


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