WooCommerce Name Your Price v3.3.0

WooCommerce Name Your Price will let your customers pay what they want for the products you sell – including donations. You can set a minimum suggested price, which the customer’s price can be lower than (or equal to or higher than). If your customer adds their own custom price, you can choose to run that through an equation so they still end up with a number you can work with. You can also add a message on the checkout page with a link to the WooCommerce changelog.

Salient Features of Name Your Price – WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version WooCommerce Name Your Price that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WooCommerce Extensions on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Collect donations
  • Sell gift cards and gift certificates (digital or printable)
  • Make a profit on products you’d otherwise give away
  • Reach new customers with accessible, democratized pricing
  • Broaden customer base by encouraging new trial
  • Collect data on what price customers are willing to pay for your products

What’s New (Changelog) in WooCommerce Name Your Price v3.3

Released on 25 June 2021 – Version 3.3.0

  • * Update: Tested against WooCommerce 5.4.
  • * Fix: Remove delay for updating form when NYP is changed. Resolves issue with ajax add to cart on mobiles.
  • * Fix: Replace deprecated jQuery 3.0 functions.

Sales Page and Demo of WooCommerce Name Your Price WordPress Plugin


Free Download WooCommerce Name Your Price

Sendcm: https://send.cm/lu6jq0lqq5og

Mirror: https://mir.cr/0ZCMZQVX

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