UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.61.25 WP Plugin

Are you looking for some powerful & trusted backup plugin for WordPress? Free Download UpdraftPlus v2.16.61.25 Premium Plugin (Updated Version). For backup of your website, updraft provides with Updraft vault and other drive support including OneDrive, Google Drive, and DropBox. We have provided the download link in the below section. 

UpdraftPlus Premium is the first choice by most of the WP developers for WordPress Backup. It is a well-known plugin across the WordPress community. The plugin is being used by more than 3 Millions WordPress users including some famous companies i.e. Microsoft and Cisco.

There are two versions of the plugin. One is free with some limited features. You can take a backup of a few MB-sized files by remaining in the free version. However, Updraft premium opens many other useful features and site cloning modules.

If you download Updraftplus, you can take backup of your entire website including designing, content, and coding. While you can also take a backup of a single section/part of your website i.e. Posts, Pages, Categories, Themes, and Plugins. It is the most powerful plugin, that restores your data in a few clicks.

The working panel of the Updrafplus plugin is well designed for all kinds of users. You can manage all of the work regarding this plugin directly from your WP dashboard. Not only the static backup, but you can automate the incremental backup. It means that once you have taken the backup of your site. You don’t need to backup your entire site again and again. But it automatically adds the new changes made to your site.

You can take and store a backup on any of the storage areas including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and hosting panel. Overall this is the plugin, that reduces the manual work for backup and automatically adds the backup. You can schedule your backup once a week or on daily basis.

Salient Features of UpdraftPlus Premium – WordPress Backup Plugin

  • Users-friendly environment. A very simple and easy-to-use working panel is provided with an elegant interface.
  • Highly Trusted by most WordPress users. Currently, it is active on more than 2.5 Million websites for backup of the content.
  • It provides the facility to take complete WordPress backup in a single click. You can also automate the backup by setting up to scheduled backup.
  • Not only to take the backup of the site, but the plugin provides the restoration of data. You can easily restore your site to the backup you have taken.
  • For migration purposes, you may have used some other plugin. But this plugin provides the best options to clone and migrate your entire site.
  • A very lightweight plugin with a few coding lines and uses less memory in your site. It does not affect the loading speed of your site.
  • It supports incremental backup. It means after a complete backup, only changes made in the site will be added to the backup.
  • While going with the premium version, you are provided with Updraft Vault support. It offers to store data of 1GB for free.
  • The notifications generator is set in the plugin to notify about each backup made via the plugin. Moreover, it shows the visual status for a successful backup or warning for an error.

What’s New (Changelog) in UpdraftPlus Premium v2.16.61.0

Released on 28 August 2021 – Version 2.16.61

  • FIX: If MySQL performance was very fast on large tables, and if fallback fetch mode was being used (which should not occur on any WordPress core table, but can be triggered on recent Oracle MySQL 8.0 versions), then when increasing rows fetched on large tables, some rows could be unintentionally skipped.
  • TWEAK: Oracle MySQL 8.0 from somewhere after 8.0.17 has removed the display width from the response to SHOW CREATE TABLE, resulting in failure (prior to this tweak) to detect a primary key type that can be used with faster fetching
  • TWEAK: Use ‘wp_mail_failed’ action hook to improve logging of email delivery failures caused by a PHPMailer exception
  • TWEAK: Add additional log information to themes and plugins modules

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Free Download UpdraftPlus Premium

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