PublishPress PRO v3.4.1 WordPress Plugin

The PublishPress PRO plugin is a powerful publishing management tool for the WordPress platform. Display your planned and published posts on a monthly calendar. Use the drag-and-drop functionality to easily reorganize your calendar. Keep the information flowing with new posts every day, or week. If your previous post is about an event coming up, you can schedule that post so it automatically publishes on the day of the event.

Core Features of PublishPress Pro – PublishPress Helps You Plan and Publish Content With WordPress

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version PublishPress Pro nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugins on for free.

  • Use post meta in notifications
  • Slack integration for notifications
  • Send reminder notifications
  • Remove PublishPress ads and branding
  • Powerful content notifications
  • Notification logs
  • Follow content that’s interesting to you
  • Export calendar to Google Calendar
  • Editorial Comments
  • Editorial calendar for your content
  • Easily create user roles
  • Dashboard widgets
  • Custom statuses
  • Content overview screen
  • Add metadata to posts

Changelog of PublishPress PRO v3.4.1

Released on 19 July 2021 – Version 3.4.1

  • Fixed: Fix border of calendar cells on Firefox, #901;
  • Fixed: Fix capabilities check before displaying the links in the footer of the items popup on the calendar, #887;
  • Fixed: Fix date identified on clicking the calendar cell to create new posts, compensating the timezone, #903;
  • Fixed: Fix edit other posts capability check before allow to set a different author for the post, #834;
  • Fixed: Fix edit posts permission before allowing to move items in the calendar, #891;
  • Fixed: Fix PHP warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach(), #828;
  • Fixed: Fix post creation capability check before allowing to create posts in the calendar, #799;
  • Fixed: Fix post subscribe capability check before displaying the option to “Notify me” in the item popup on the calendar, #886;
  • Fixed: Fix publishing capability check before allow to create posts with “publish”, “future”, “private” statuses, #825;
  • Fixed: Fix the “load more” behavior and links when the calendar is configured to display “All posts”, #897;
  • Fixed: Fix the click event over the “Click to add” label;
  • Fixed: Fix the default selected status in the post creation form on the calendar, #893;
  • Fixed: Fix the drag and drop behavior in the calendar to trigger WP hooks after updating the post, #895;
  • Fixed: Fix the format of the date on the title of the post form on the calendar, #906;
  • Fixed: Fix the format of the post date on the calendar popup, #905;
  • Fixed: Fix the JS error that the form in the calendar throws if the user can edit only one post type, #907;
  • Fixed: Fix the post type selection for new posts created on the calendar, #904;
  • Fixed: Fix the publishing time field in the calendar form to display the default publishing date, #882;
  • Fixed: Fix the translation for the private taxonomies: “pp_usergroup”, “pp_notify_email”, “pp_notify_role” and “pp_notify_user”, #908;
  • Fixed: Fix the visual feedback for the calendar items drag and drop, #881;
  • Fixed: Make the calendar string “Click to add” translatable, #883;

Sales Page and Demo of PublishPress Pro WP Plugin

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