Ninja Tables PRO v4.1.6 WordPress Plugin

Ninja Tables Pro is an exclusive means of visual table building. With this plugin you can easily manage columns, rows, and data within the layout of your site. Instead of the messy HTML code used to display tables, Ninja Tables has a visual designer that is easy to use. By simply dragging and dropping features, users can create their own custom made tables by adding images, videos, text overlays and more! In addition to the features available on the main menu.

Salient Features of Ninja Tables PRO – Best WP DataTables Plugin for WordPress

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version Ninja Tables Pro that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugins on for free.

  • Unlimited Table Colors and Customization
  • Live Connect with Google Sheets
  • WooCommerce Product Table
  • WP Posts / Any Custom Post Type Integration
  • Rich Media Integration with WP Table
  • Conditional Column Formatting
  • FrontEnd Table Editing
  • FrontEnd Table export CSV, Print, PDF
  • Show data from your own custom SQL table and SQL query
  • Data Table
  • Pricing Table
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Table
  • Product Comparion Table
  • Responsive Product Specification Table
  • Member List Table
  • Any type of Sortable and Searchable Data Table
  • Customer List Table
  • League Points Table
  • Sports Team Member Table with Image
  • Any Type of Data that need to be shown as tabular format
  • Single Line Cells
  • Fixed Layout
  • Hover rows
  • Bordered table
  • Table Inverse
  • Striped rows
  • Compact Table
  • RTL Support
  • Data Tables
  • Footable Tables
  • Stackable Table
  • Bootstrap 3 Table Styles
  • Bootstrap 4 Table Styles
  • Semantic UI Table Styles

What’s New (Changelog) in Ninja Tables Pro v4.1.6

Released on 28 June 2021 – Version 4.1.6

  • – Fixes CSV export & Print issue in frontend
  • – Fixes transform value reference shortcode
  • – Fixes filter table data print issue in frontend
  • – Fixes advance shortcode filters for filter_selects in frontend
  • – Fixes searcher flick issue in frontend
  • – Fixes large data loading table hide issue in frontend
  • – Fixes custom filter checkbox & select strict mode issue in frontend
  • – Fixes custom filter issue for special character in frontend
  • – Fixes custom filter number range input value issue in frontend
  • – Fixes custom filter manual data multiselect table hide issue in mobile device
  • – Fixes special character sorting issue
  • Compatiblity Improvements
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

Sales Page and Demo of Ninja Tables Pro WP Plugin

Free Download Ninja Tables Pro WordPress Plugin



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