FlyingPress v3.5.6 WordPress Plugin

FlyingPress is a powerful performance booster for WordPress platforms. It aims to deliver fast and light WordPress installations that load instantly, work well under heavy load, are secure and flexible.

Salient Features of FlyingPress – Taking WordPress To New Heights

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version FlyingPress that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugins on for free.

  • Optimize CSS
    – Generate critical and used CSS
    – Load unused CSS asynchronously/interaction
  • Font Optimization
    – Self-host, inline & combine Google Fonts
    – Add fallback fonts while loading (display swap)
    – Preload fonts
  • Page Caching
    – Generates static HTML pages
    – Preload cache
    – Configures Nginx/Apache/LiteSpeed to serve cache
    – Preload pages in browser on mouse hover
    – Varnish integration
  • Image Optimization
    – Adding missing height and width attributes
    – Preload critical images
  • Defer JavaScript
    – Remove render-blocking JavaScripts
    – Delay scripts until user interaction
    – Fix render-blocking jQuery scripts
  • Lazy Loading
    – Lazy load images & iFrames
    – Native or JavaScript lazy loading
    – Exclude above fold images
    – Lazy load any background images
  • Minify CSS and JavaScript
    – Minify CSS & JS files in the server or via CDN
  • Database Cleaner
    – Delete unnecessary entries and optimize tables

What’s New (Changelog) in Flying Press v3.5.6

Released on 16 July 2021 – Version 3.5.6

  • Improvement: Use get_home_url() instead of get_site_url()
  • Improvement: Allow exclude scripts from defer when inline defer is enabled
  • Improvement: New documentation
  • Compatiblity Improvements
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

Sales Page and Demo of Flying Press WP Plugin

Free Download FlyingPress WordPress Plugin



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