Duplicator Pro v4.0.4 WP Plugin

The Duplicator Pro helps to Copy and move entire web pages from one place to another in just a few steps. You make a full copy of your website at any time. By using Duplicator Pro Backup to Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Amazon S3 for secure storage as well as you can  Recover from Duplicator Pro within minutes.

Salient Features of Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin Premium Version

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version Duplicator Pro that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Multi-page support: In addition to the standard single-site, Duplicator Pro supports multi-site backup and migration. You can even install a subpage as a standalone website!
  • Big Site Support: The tool in the Pro version is faster and works better with larger websites. Supports up to 100 GB of backup capacity!
  • Backup Limit: Limit your number of stored backups so you don’t fill your cloud storage with previous backups.
  • Data filtering: Filter only the folders, files, extensions, and database tables you want to back up.
  • Automatic Database Creation: Easily select existing cPanel databases & users, or create a new one without leaving the installer.
  • Live websites override: Install your backed up or migrated the website to an empty location or on an existing website – includes one-click WordPress sites for quick installation!
  • Single file bundle: The Duplicator Pro tool packs your website into a single archive, unlike other plugins that create lots of files that are difficult to manage.
  • Large database support: The ability to manually import an SQL file means that very large databases are now supported.
  • Email notifications: Know immediately when Duplicator has backup problems, time out, or needs attention.
  • Advanced options: Tons of advanced options to customize your WordPress backups and customize your settings.

What’s New (Changelog) in Duplicator Pro v4.0.5

Released on 16 August 2021 – Version 4.0.4

[NEW]: Caches of many plugins are purged after a migration.
[NEW]: New scanner check for PHP 64-bit architecture for 2GB notices
[NEW]: Added outbound IP address to tools section
[NEW]: Added ability to run any package listed as recovery point directly in the package list
[NEW]: Added the possibility to download the recovery launcher
[NEW]: Now Duplicator PRO cannot be activated if LITE is active
[UPD]: Improved ZIP archive single and multi-threaded mode package creation speed
[UPD]: Improved message shown when storage endpoint can’t be read
[UPD]: Changed coloring of delete package import message
[UPD]: Additional polish and cleanup of license messages
[UPD]: Improve Package Details Error notice message
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Improve help and enhance the visibility of the Import UI Screens
[UPD]: Fixed ‘use current’ quick link in installer section of first page of build
[UPD]: Updated recovery feature UI on package list page
[UPD]: Updated filter selection UI on tables to work on large number of tables (10K tables tested).
[UPD]: Updated the parsely library to version 2.9.2
[UPD]: Updated the duplicator_pro_entities table to handle larger serialized objects
[UPD]: Updated for WordPress 5.8
[FIX]: No longer removing corrupt tables from list of tables available for filtering on build step 1
[FIX]: Fixed tables filter with hight number of tables selected
[FIX]: Updated the list of filtered tables in the package details (previously they were not displayed)
[FIX]: Added logic to show quick fix when ZipArchive failed in various places
[FIX]: Copying a template to another template, in some cases the source template ID was not handled correctly
[FIX]: Send email when schedule errors out due to requirements failing
[NEW]: Hooks system added installer
[NEW]: added option that allows one to remove definer statements from create queries
[NEW]: Subsite to multisite overwrite function enabled
[NEW]: Addon system implemented installer
[NEW]: Remove only media option added
[NEW]: Validation test added that shows a list tables that are affected by the database action.
[UPD]: Updated UI elements when no triggers present
[UPD]: Improved restore backup mode installer selection
[UPD]: Removed old webfont files and references
[UPD]: Now the new URL is editable only in advanced mode
[UPD]: Improved bulk DELETE and UPDATE queries by chunking them
[FIX]: Ignore cPanel pre-fills from package creation step 1 in case of an import install
[FIX]: Fixed the selection of tables to be extracted in advanced mode with large number of tables
[FIX]: Fixed bug with tables that are removed in import validation when import option of subsite enabled

Demo and Sales Page of Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin


Free Download Duplicator Pro WordPress Plugin

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