All Thrive Themes’s Plugins Pack

Have you built a site using thrive themes? Or you are going to build by Using Themes from Thrive Developers? Free Download All Thrive Themes Plugins (Updated Latest Version). Here we have provided all of the plugins, from optimization to managing content, LMS plugins, Increase User Interaction and Engagement. 

When you come to the WordPress market and look over the best themes & plugins providers, you will definitely find a brand name “Thrive Themes”. This amazing group of members organized and developed many of the amazing themes and plugins to design functional websites. Here we are the group of all thrive themes plugins.

The main focus of these plugins and themes to make your visitors into your permanent users or clients. There is a list of plugins developed by Thrive Themes Developer. Each of them is unique and best regarding its use.

  • Thrive Theme Architect (On-page Drag & Drop Builder)
  • Thrive Leads (To Collect Mails and Generating Leads for Marketing)
  • Thrive Quiz Builder (An easy quiz builder to set multiple choice options)
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer (An ultimate plugin to optimize your headings)
  • Thrive Ultimatum (Increase your site Average Engage Rate by displaying Counter)
  • Thrive Ovation (Best in Testimonial Management Plugins)
  • Thrive Comments (Comment Plugin to enhance User interaction)
  • Thrive Optimize (Optimizer for optimizing pages leading to more conversions)
  • Thrive Clever Plugin (Engage users with relative content)
  • Thrive Apprentice (List online course to your site)

Thrive Architect

Although, thrive themes support the third-party drag and drop on-page page builders. But, Thrive Architect (Thrive Visual Editor) is specially designed for better speed with the best optimization options in Thrive Themes. Just like many of the famous page builder plugins i.e Elementor Pro, Beaver Page Builder, it has built-in building elements. It supports many of the amazing third-party plugins including SEO Plugins and Widgets. It allows you to create stunning and outstanding web pages, without any coding knowledge.

The best practice for marketing and lead generation in the modern era is Email Marketing. Newsletter update is one of the best methods for that. Just like Mailster, Thrive Leads List Building Plugins help you to create a mailing list faster by inserting a subscription box in your site. Moreover, it allows embedding multiple forms to collect users’ emails and thus converting them to your clients.

Thrive Quiz Builder

Are you going to set MCQs on your site? In all thrive themes plugins, Thrive Quiz Builder will help you to create multiple option quizzes. Moreover, this plugin doesn’t need any coding knowledge. It simply provides an on-page dashboard to set questions. Moreover, it enhances the taste of your content. Interaction gets increased by the visitors and much more.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

If you want the most exposure to your content. Optimize your content at the best. If you are using thrive themes, go for thrive headling optimizer. It is one of the best thrive themes plugins to optimize your headings. It shows the various attractive design of your single heading across various devices. You can track the performance made by each of the headings.

Thrive Ovation

In all thrive themes plugins, Thrive Ovation is one of the best Testimonial Management plugins. It enhances the trust rate of your visitors by collect user’s testimonials and shows them on your site pages. Moreover, it has one swipe button option to convert comments into testimonials. It is fully compatible with all of the comments plugins including the thrive comments and Disqus including the default comment system.

Thrive Comments

Want to engage the audience with comments and their multiple threads. Thrive comments plugins are awesome plugins with multiple modern features. There are options to upvote, downvote, and share any of the comments. Moreover, there are options to comment by signing in via Gmail, mail, and Facebook. It allows the creation of multiple threaded comments. The user interface of this plugin in the post footer is amazing.

Thrive Optimize

While using Thrive Architect, Thrive Optimize plugin is a side plugin to enhance its functionality. It allows performing A/B Split testing and other optimization tests to check out their performance. You get the statics about pages, are they working best or not? It is a clean-coded lightweight plugin.

Thrive Ultimatum

Want to show a timer on your downloading files and other sections. In all thrive themes plugins, Thrive ultimatum provides the best timer options if using the Thrive themes. It increases the average spending time by the users. Moreover, it increases the earning, while using an Ads publisher account. There are multiple options available by default. While you can set custom one on your own.

Thrive Clever Widgets

Thrive clever widget plugin cleverly engage users on your site in all thrive themes plugins pack. This plugin provides multiple widgets. Moreover, it cleverly displays the highly relative content from the same categories and neighbors ones. The default options are set at the best settings. However, you are provided with options to manage related content via categories, tags, post types, and other criteria.

Thrive Apprentice

Are you a master in any field? Now sell your skill as a course by displaying it on your site. In all thrive themes plugins, Thrive Apprentice is a powerful alternative to LMS plugins. It allows you to nicely display your content and course in a modern design and way.

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Free Download Thrive Themes’s WordPress Plugins

  • Thrive Apprentice v2.9
  • Thrive Architect v3.1
  • Thrive Automator v0.2
  • Thrive Clever Widgets v2.4
  • Thrive Comments v1.9
  • Thrive Headline Optimizer v1.8
  • Thrive Leads v2.9
  • Thrive Optimize v1.9
  • Thrive Ovation v2.9
  • Thrive Quiz Builder v2.9
  • Thrive Ultimatum v2.9




Now it’s time to conclude the article. I would like to say that I have done a better job by displaying short info about all thrive themes plugins. One server link is given for each plugin in Thrive Themes Plugin. A short description of each of the plugins with links is given.

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