FluentCRM Pro v2.2.0 WordPress Plugin

FluentCRM Pro is a powerful WordPress plugin that gives you the tools you need to create and manage your email marketing campaigns. It uses native WordPress mechanisms, such as users, capabilities, custom post types, and meta boxes; making the learning curve for new users extremely short.

It offers many automated processes within your site using its many modules and add-ons that are built in, which can save you countless hours over time.

Core Features of FluentCRM Pro – Marketing Automation For WordPress

  • Email Campaign Management
    Compose emails, filter audiences, and send/schedule the emails with ease. Also measure open rate, CTR, and everything else in one screen!
  • 360° Contact View
    Know your users better! When they have opened your emails, purchase history, support tickets, submitted forms – get everything at a glance.
  • Contact Segmentation
    Categorize your users into different lists, tags, and priorities automatically. Set the conditions and let FluentCRM take care of the job for you.
  • Email Sequencing
    Run your whole business on auto-pilot with sequenced/drip emails. Design sequences and set triggers based on user registration, product purchase, etc.
  • Automated Email Funnels
    You don’t have to be a pro developer or marketer to design effective email funnels! Monitor each stage of your funnels and improve them instantly!
  • Granular Reporting
    Don’t miss out on any action. From campaign reports, CTR, A/B testing to a particular user’s engagement- view everything in one place.

Changelog of FluentCRM Pro v2.2.1

Released on 21 July 2021 – Version 2.2.1

  • Hot Fixed release
  • RTL issue fixed
  • array_diff notice fixed
  • Whole New Dashboard Design
  • Added Lots of WooCommerce Integrations
  • Added Plain Text Email Template
  • Added Fluent Forms force subscribe feature
  • User role based tagging feature added
  • Added Redirection Option after Double-Optin
  • Email Builder Blocks Improvements
  • Add Option to remove contact on WP User delete
  • Showing in details purchase history from WooCommerce on Contact Screen
  • Webhook bounce handler with all major Email Service providers

Live Preview and Sales Page of FluentCRM Pro WordPress Plugin


Free Download FluentCRM Pro Plugin

Send-cm: https://send.cm/14oxdjc00cao

Mirror: https://mir.cr/OGFZZSQA

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