(With All Addons) FacetWP v3.8.10 Plugin

FacetWP WordPress Plugin allows you to create and display filters in any page to make filtering posts by multiple criteria easy for visitors. This way, visitors will be able to search for exactly what they are looking for without having to rely on post titles and words (or phrases) premise. FacetWP works with all kinds of plugins out there without a hitch (Yoast SEO, Polylang, WPML). And it’s highly customizable.

Salient Features of FacetWP – Advanced Filtering and Faceted Search Plugin for WordPress

As we have already read its basic information and now we will know about some main or core features of the GPL version FacetWP that comes under GNU GPL (General Public License) NULLED premium plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on www.ulathemes.com for free.

  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor Pro
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce Bookings
  • SearchWP
  • Relevanssi
  • Pods
  • Meta Box
  • Polylang / WPML
  • WP Job Manager
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • fSelect
  • Radio
  • Hierarchy
  • Slider
  • Search
  • Autocomplete
  • Date Range
  • Number Range
  • Star Rating
  • Proximity
  • Pager
  • Using an archive page
  • Using the Layout Builder
  • Using a custom WP_Query
  • Using a page builder
  • Using advanced mode
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • WooCommerce
  • Much more

List of All Add-ons for FaceWP Plugin:

Here are the all FacetWP WordPress Plugin addons or extensions.

FacetWP Elementor

FacetWP Elementor is a helpful WordPress plugin that works with Elementor plugin to display facets in your listing pages. Any category page, product page or archive page where you have used Elementor Pro can easily display all facets associated with that category and can be displayed by clicking on the tabs.

FacetWP Beaver Builder

The FacetWP add-on for Beaver Builder gives you web design power. With a drag and drop interface, create unlimited filterable grids. Showcase posts by category, custom post type, taxonomy, product, or anything else. FacetWP respects the order in which you want your filters to display on your page. The FacetWP add-on hooks into Beaver Builder’s Builder Blocks giving you 300+ drag and drop elements to work with.

FacetWP Mobile Flyout

The FacetWP Mobile Flyout Add-on provides a unique and touchscreen-friendly filtering experience. Data-filter is the next step in the evolution of public (user) filters. It is designed to make your search results extremely easy to read and interactive (even for non-developers). The FacetWP Add-on can be easily added to any WordPress theme that supports sidebars and has data filtering capabilities.

FacetWP Recipes

The FacetWP Recipes plugin is a WordPress/FacetWP add-on installs that allows you to integrate recipes from WP Recipe Maker or Tasty Recipes straight into your sites posts and pages, once it is set up using the FacetWP recipes plugin, every page and post on your site will have a new recipes column.

FacetWP Map Facet

FacetWP Map facet is a WordPress plugin and addon for facetwp plugin that allows you to create interactive maps on your WordPress pages or posts. This plugin adds a map as a single clickable filter for your page or post content, so users can drill down and view related content by location. Another powerful feature of this plugin is the ability to add 6 different shapes (circles, rectangles etc.) around each point on your map. For example: if you have a populated city with many restaurants, you may want to outline each restaurant with its own shape marker. This helps the user visually distinguish between locations by giving each one its own unique marker

FacetWP User Post Type Pro

With FacetWP User Post Type Pro Addons, you can easily create advanced user listings that users can search and filter with FacetWP. You’ll be able to list your users by their name, bio, role, or any custom field you want. These listings work great in conjunction with the FacetWP Listings Plugin.

FacetWP Relevanssi

The FacetWP Relevanssi Plugin integrates with the Relevanssi plugin, allowing users to integrate faceted search into their WordPress sites.

FacetWP Caching

FacetWP Caching is an add-on WordPress Plugin that allows database caching of FacetWP search results to dramatically speed up page loads on your site. FacetWP Caching eliminates the need for expensive MySQL queries against your database or multiple database queries, and means less load on your MySQL servers hosting your website. FacetWP Caching provides substantial increases in performance for your website.

FacetWP Conditional Logic

FacetWP Conditional Logic Plugin allows you to toggle facets based on conditional rules. With FacetWP Conditional Logic, you can switch between facets depending on what kind of objects are (or aren’t) in the facet. Put a check box on your faceted listing and when it is checked you can activate or deactivate that whole facet. For example, in a Real Estate Listings plugin, you can have one box that filters by Bedrooms and another box that can filter by Bathrooms. By clicking on the box for bedrooms, you could show every property with at least one bedroom. By clicking on the other

FacetWP Multilingual

FacetWP Multilingual makes it easy to manage content in multi-languages and in several languages with unique URLs. Integrate this FacetWP add-on 3rd party language management plugin into your WordPress website with WPML or Polylang. Simply install it, define your languages, get translations from Google Translate or Microsoft Bing, and train the plugin to use these translations.

FacetWP Hierarchy Select

The FacetWP Hierarchy Select WordPress plugin allows you to retrieve content from a faceted search using a simple, guided drop-down menu. This plugin offers one, depth-level selection at a time by stepping users through the full structure of data, making it simpler for them to choose their next step.

FacetWP Pods

FacetWP Pods is a WordPress Plugin adds FacetWP search and browsing capabilities to your WordPress site. It integrates with the Pods plugin and allows you to enrich your sites with faceted search.

FacetWP Range List

A list of ranges is a must have feature in any eCommerce store. If you want to display some goods by range, for example by price or date, you need to show the items in an ordered way. The most simple solution for this is to use a default WordPress shortcode […][…]. But what if you want to change the output of these items or create something custom by your own? This is where FacetWP Range List comes into play.

FacetWP Time Since

The FacetWP Time Since addon is a WordPress plugin that allows you to filter your results by time. This helps you find what you’re looking for faster and improve your website analytics. Specifically, this plugin lets you filter your search results by:

FacetWP Color

Create beautiful color-based filters with FacetWP Color. With this WordPress filter plugin, you can create advanced filtering by filtering by just color! No longer do you need to type in a specific class, id, or tag name. This plugin allows you to quickly and easily filter your content by any color in the world.

FacetWP A-Z Listing

Here’s the list of Alphabetical Listing Letter A-Z WordPress Plugin extentions for FacetWP. Using this addon it’s possible to find a special word on your website even then it has duplicate content.

FacetWP Flatsome

FacetWP Flatsome is an incredibly powerful add-on FacetWP which is faceted search plugin for WordPress. This is one of the most requested extenion that add compatibility with the Flatsome theme framework.

What’s New (Changelog) in FacetWP v3.8.10

Released on 9 August 2021 – Version 3.8.10

  • Important 3.8 is a MAJOR REWRITE. Please test first on a staging site!
  • Fixed move indexing to init:1000 to allow sufficient time for post type / taxonomy registration
  • Fixed radio facets – force in “OR” mode (props Kari S.)
  • Fixed date picker – edge case offset issue (props Lucas T.)
  • Fixed MS Edge requires JS catch(err) instead of catch (props George H.)
  • Updated Norwegian translations (props Johan F.)

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