ACF Extended PRO v0.8.8.4 WordPress Plugin

ACF Extended Pro is a feature rich plugin developed to customize wordpress with a powerful administration framework for custom fields that allow you to bring the whole wordpress customization & modification experience to the whole new level.

Core Features of Advanced Custom Fields: Extended PRO WordPress Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version ACF Extended PRO nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • New Field Groups Locations
  • 14+ New ACF Fields
  • 10+ ACF Fields Enhanced
  • Self/Multi/Bidirectional Fields
  • Advanced Fields Validation
  • Flexible Content as Page Builder
  • Compress ACF values into a single metadata
  • ACF Forms Manager
  • ACF Options Pages / Block Types Manager
  • ACF & WordPress Meta Overview
  • WordPress Post Types / Taxonomies Manager
  • WordPress Options Manager
  • WordPress Admin Enhancements
  • WPML & Polylang Multilingual support

Changelog of ACF Extended PRO v0.8.8.4

Released on 15 June 2021 – Version

* Field: Flexible Content - Added "Layouts Locations Rules" setting
* Field: Flexible Content Grid System - Fixed undefined index in `get_flexible_grid()` when using "Container Size" setting
* Field: Flexible Content Grid System - Added `has_flexible_grid()` helper
* Field: Flexible Content Grid System - `has_flexible_grid()`, `get_flexible_grid()` & `get_flexible_grid_class()` now accept a post id as 2nd parameter
* Field: Checkbox/Radio - Added Dynamic Render Choice hooks
* Field: Added Phone Number field
* Field: Added Countries Selector field
* Field: Added Languages Selector field
* Field: Added Currencies Selector field
* Field: Added Post Formats Selector field
* Field: Color Picker - Added selected palette border color compatibility for gradients
* Field: Columns - Added "Fill" size and swapped the setting with "Auto" size. The "Auto" size will now fit the field size
* Field: Select - Added "Prepend" & "Append" settings
* Field: Image Selector - Choices are now compatible with `value : image` logic, allowing developers to save a custom value instead of Image ID/URL
* Field: Image Selector - Removed gallery setting selector due to unecessary complexity. Choices are now all merged into one single setting
* Field: Relationship - Enhanced Gutenberg post update detection for the Inline Add/Edit Post settings
* Field: Color Picker - Fixed RGBA library not being correctly initialized in the Gutenberg Editor
* Field: Date Range Picker - Fixed the JS not being correctly initialized in the Gutenberg Editor
* Field: Date Range Picker - Enhanced CSS Style of invalid dates to match the ACF Date Picker style
* Field: WYSIWYG - Fixed potential PHP warning when using an inexisting toolbar
* Module: Force Sync - Fixed json file timestamp update during the sync
* Field Settings: Required message - It is now recommended to use `{label}` to display the field label instead of the previous `%s`, for consistency (`%s` will still work)
Compatiblity Improvements
Minor Bug fixes
Few small changes in Layout, UI and Design.

Sales Page and Live Demo of ACF Extended PRO WP Plugin

Advanced Custom Fields Extended PRO Free Download



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