Advanced Ads Pro v2.12.1 + Free v1.25.1 + All Add-ons

Advanced Ads Pro WordPress plugin is a well-designed, powerful premium WordPress ad creator plugin. It has many features and options to enhance, style and embed ads in an elegant way.

Advanced Ads Pro offers integration with Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, and AppNexus networks. It allows you to establish complex ad layouts and configure the ad parameters for each layout: type (text link or image), size, width, height, position(top/right/bottom/left), colors, border radius… This plugin is created to help you manage your website more effectively. If you are looking for a great ad manager plugin then this can be best for you.

Core Features of Advanced Ads Pro – WordPress Ads Manager Plugin

You can read below about some main or core features of the GPL version Advanced Ads Pro nulled plugin and if want to know the complete features of this plugin then check the demo site as well as you can also check another WordPress Plugin on for free.

  • 7 additional Placements to deliver your ads into your layout
  • 13 more Display and Visitor Conditions: display ads based on various parameters like the URL referrer, user role, browser language, specific cookies, number of previous ad or page impressions, and many more
  • Lazy Load for more page speed
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • Alternative ads for Ad-Block users
  • Cache Busting: guarantees the functionality of dynamic features like ad rotations in groups, ads displayed based on browser width or device used by a visitor
  • Custom Code: customize your ads by adding HTML and CSS directly into the ad unit
  • Test Placements against each other
  • Duplicate ads for faster ad creation
  • Limit ad to display only once per page
  • Refresh ad without reloading the page
  • Disable all ads for specific post types
  • Create ad grids from grouped ads (e.g., block with 2×3 ads)
  • Embed ads only in posts with a minimum word count
  • Inject ads only after text blocks with a minimum word count
  • Inject ads into content not using the the_content filter
  • List currently delivered ads in the admin bar in the frontend
  • Select ad-related user role for individual users (ad admin, ad manager, and ad user)
  • Priority email support and updates for one year, unlimited usage afterward
  • Dedicated integrations for BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPress, WPML, Paid Memberships Pro
  • Ad server placement to embed ads on other websites
  • If using TCF 2.0 consent methods, ads show up right after consent is given

Changelog of Advanced Ads Pro v2.12.1

Released on June 2021 – Version 2.12.1

  • Warn If An Advanced Ads Widget Does Not Use Cache-busting
  • Remove Cursor: Pointer For Background Placements On Amp
  • Refresh Ads On The Same Spot: Hide Current And Subsequent Ads After Clicking On Close Button Of Sticky Placement
  • Respect Wp_Timezone Settings When Displaying Ads On Certain Days Only
  • Made Click Fraud Protection Work For Google Adsense Auto Ads
  • Further Minimized Ajax Cache-busting Footprint In Footer
  • Buddyboss: Added Buddyboss Group Display Condition
  • Buddyboss Placement: Made Possible To Customize Activity Type
  • Buddyboss Placement: Made Possible To Repeat Position
  • Made “Url Parameters” Condition Work In Ajax Requests Initiated By Third Party Plugins

Changelog of Advanced Ads v1.25.1

Released on June 2021 – Version 1.25.1

  • show ad label event when ad wrapper is now shown
  • add filter advanced-ads-ajax-ad-select-arguments to modify arguments of AJAX ad selection
  • display ads on BuddyPress pages when no ads allowed on 404 pages
  • Ad blocker fix: do not copy assets from “vendor” and “lib” folders
  • Ad blocker fix: compare assets based on filemtime instead of filesize
  • bump minimal require WP core version to 4.9
  • allow to add a replacement for AdSense page-level code

List of All Add-ons for Advanced Ads Plugin

Here is the all list of Advanced Ads pro add-ons or extensions that extend the functionality of Advanced Ads plugin..

Advanced Ads Geo Targeting Addon

The Geo Targeting plugin is an extension to the extremely successful Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin . It allows you to show your ads only to visitors from specific countries, continents (regions), and cities. Conversely, you can also display your ads not to be displayed for particular locations.

Features of Geo Targeting – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Adds A Visitor Condition To Select The Geolocation A Visitor Must Come From In Order To See / Not See An Ad
  • Target Visitors By Country
  • Target Visitors By Region/State
  • Target Visitors By City
  • Target Visitors By Continent
  • Bulk Target Visitors From The European Union
  • Target Visitors In A Given Radius Around A Location
  • Uses Geolite2 Data By Maxmind
  • Enter City Or Region Names In Up To 8 Languages

Advanced Ads Responsive Ads Addon

Responsive Ads addon makes your ad setup compatible with any mobile and desktop device by allowing ads to resize based on the size of your visitor’s browser. It has dedicated support for AdSense, AMP pages and other Google services that use responsive ads (which is whitelisted by Google). They can be easily configured to match the look and feel of your website.

Features of Responsive Ads – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Set Minimal And Maximal Browser Width To Display Ads For
  • Convert Adsense Ads Automatically Into Amp Format
  • Support For Amp Versions Of Every Ad Network That Offers Them
  • Display Condition To Show Or Hide Specific Ads On Amp Pages
  • Set Custom Sizes For Adsense Responsive Ads
  • Set Default Adsense Sizes To Rectangle, Vertical Or Horizontal
  • Customize Adsense Responsive Matched Content Unit For Desktop And Mobile
  • List All Ads By Their Responsive Settings On The Dashboard
  • Frontend Assistant To Display Ad, Container, And Window Size For Admins
  • Detect Tablets
  • Force Responsive Image Ads If Not Supported By The Theme
  • Ads Are Updated When The Screen Resizes And Cache Busting In Pro Is Enabled

Advanced Ads Google Ad Manager Integration Addon

Google Ad Manager for Advanced Ads is a way of managing your Google Adwords campaigns within WordPress. It connects your site with the popular ad server by Google and allows you to place their ads on your website without touching any codes or taking care of the complicated mix of header and body tags they normally ask you to implement. This is very useful for new WordPress bloggers as it makes the process so much easier than it would be otherwise. The plugin will also allow you to easily move your site between hosting accounts without having to reconfigure. This essentially means that once you’ve configured the plugin, your ad campaigns will stay up and running even when the site

Features of Google Ad Manager Integration – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Load and place the ad units from your Google Ad Manager account without touching any code
  • No need to manually match head and body codes
  • Create responsive ad units
  • Target key/value pairs
  • Works with Advanced Ads features like automatic content injection, Display and Visitor Conditions, or Cache Busting
  • Works out of the box on AMP pages
  • Decide when and how ad containers collapse to prevent empty space on your site
  • Works with Google Ad Manager and Google Ad Manager 360

Advanced Ads PopUp and Layer Ads Addon

PopUp and Layer Ads Addon for Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin allows you to insert ads or any content in a popup. It gives you a new Placement type in your Advanced Ads dashboard. You can change the position of the popup. The plugin can be used on page or post types that support Advanced Ads shortcode.

Features of PopUp and Layer Ads – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Display Ads As A Layer Above The Content
  • Display After A User Interaction (E.G., Scrolling)
  • Display When The User Wants To Leave
  • Display Ads With A Delay
  • Optional Background Overlay
  • Display Effects (Show, Fade, Slide)
  • Hide The Ad After A Specific Time
  • Choose Between Different Positions For The Popup
  • Customizable Close Button: Allow Users To Close An Ad (Not Only Layers)
  • Add Timeout For Closed Ads
  • Support And Updates For 1 Year, Unlimited Usage Afterward

Advanced Ads Selling Ads Addon

Selling Ads Addon extends Advanced Ads in terms of functionality. It is compatible with all Advanced Ads versions, and when availed you will receive updates for free. In addition, we offer email support with friendly help and in-depth troubleshooting for one year, so you can rest assured that any question or issue you might have will be all right.

Features of Selling Ads – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Define “Ad Products” Advertisers Can Choose From
  • Sell Ads Per Day, Impressions, Clicks, Or Custom Conditions
  • Set The Placement The Ad Product Will Be Visible On
  • Improved Conversation By Moving Upload Process After The Purchase
  • Informs Publisher When All Ad Details Are Uploaded And The Ad Can Be Reviewed
  • Advertisers Have Their Own Account With A List Of Purchases And Links To Their Ad Stats
  • Built On Woocommerce And Therefore Extendable With Most Of Their Add-ons
  • Pay With Paypal, Stripe, Invoice, Or Any Other Payment Method Available With Woocommerce
  • Compatible With Woocommerce 4.0
  • User Confirmed Compatibility: Affiliatewp
  • Priority Email Support And Updates For One Year

Advanced Ads Sticky Ads Addon

Sticky Ads add-on for Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin helps you create full page ads, and monetize your website by displaying ads on the sides or underneath a page layout. With Sticky Ads and Advanced Ads WordPress, you can drive more traffic to your site by promoting your products and pushing your services more often with a persistent call-to-action. Sticky Ads creates a new WP CPT that can be used for placing inside and outside of a layout independently.

Features of Sticky Ads – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Position Ads That Don’t Scroll With The Screen (Sticky Ads)
  • Built Anchor Ads – Most Common For Mobile Apps
  • Add A Background Color For Header And Footer Bars
  • Allow Users To Close Sticky Placements For A Specific Time
  • Center Side Ads Vertically
  • Set Delay In Seconds After Which The Ad Should Show Up
  • Display With Effects (Show, Fade, Slide)
  • Header Bar Placement
  • Footer Bar Placement
  • Sidebar Ads Attached To The Main Wrapper Placement
  • Sidebar Ads Attached To The Window Placement
  • Make Ads Sticky To The Screen Or Let Them Be Scrolled Away
  • Add A Background Color For Header And Footer Bars

Advanced Ads Ad Tracking Addon

The Tracking add-on gives you the ability to improve your ads setup based on statistics. It counts the impressions and clicks of your ads and visualizes the range and potential of your ad setup in graphs and numbers. In addition, the plugin fetches you valuable information on clicks and impressions for Google Campaign Manager Ads, Facebook Ads and Amazon Product Ads.

Features of Ad Tracking – Add-on for Advanced Ads

  • Track Ad Impressions Or Clicks Locally Or With Google Analytics
  • Enable Or Disable Tracking For All Or Individual Ads
  • Enable Link Cloaking To Hide The Target Url
  • Open Individual Links In A New Window
  • Add The Nofollow Or Sponsored Attributes To Links
  • Click Tracking Also Works On Javascript-based Ads And Iframes
  • Dynamically Attach Page Id, Slug, Or Category To External Links
  • Limit Ad Views To A Certain Amount Of Impressions Or Clicks
  • Spread Impressions And Clicks Over A Given Period
  • See Stats Of All Or Individual Ads In Your Dashboard
  • View Impressions By Day, Week, Or Month
  • Display Stats In A Table And Graph
  • Compare Stats For Ads
  • Compare Stats With The Previous Or Next Period Remove Stats For All Or Single Ads
  • Filter Stats By Ad Groups
  • Send Email Reports For All Or Individual Ads To Different Emails
  • Create Public Reports For Clients
  • Combine Impressions And Clicks With Any Other Metrics In Google Analytics
  • Export Stats As Csv
  • Import Stats From Csv
  • Remove Old Stats

Advanced Ads Slider Addon

The Slider Addon enables you to allow website visitors to display your ads within a slider. This plugin is completely developed in a way that it does not interfere with the rest of the plugin and no configuration is required. It works along with any other addon for Advanced Ads WordPress Plugin such as the Popover Addon or Banner Addon. We have also included a detailed help article that takes you through all the setup steps and you will be displaying your ads within slider in no time.

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