Top 20 Must Use Plugins for WooCommerce Virtual Stores

WooCommerce is a comprehensive solution that makes it easier to set up a virtual store on WordPress. It’s a plugin that enables WordPress to compete with other major platforms such as Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and Wix. Furthermore, there is a large variety of plugins for WooCommerce that vastly improves your store’s performance. 

The eCommerce functionalities of the WooCommerce plugin are the most acceptable solution worldwide. With the built-in features of WooCommerce, you can build your online shop easily and start selling right away. On the contrary, you need WooCommerce plugins to enable advanced features according to your business needs. 

Today, we will be discussing the top 20 must-use plugins for WooCommerce Virtual stores.  

Plugins for WooCommerce to Improve your Virtual Store’s Performance

If you are running a small WooCommerce business, you can manage your budget as limitedly as possible. However, you need to include premium or paid plugins for bigger stores with advanced functionalities. We’ve included free plugins in our list, but you should look forward to paying to get premium features.

Let’s jump into the point and learn about our best plugins for WooCommerce. 

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist 

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is holding the position of the most preferred plugins for bigger 

eCommerce stores. This amazing tool enables customers to save their favorite products and make a list. Ultimately, they can buy the products from their saved list and even share them on social networks. 

The plugin smoothly syncs with WooCommerce and assists customers in creating a wishlist. You can loyalize your customers and enable them to grab more customers. Therefore, it’s one of the best ways to grow your customer base and generate more sales. 

Features that make it a great choice for your WooCommerce store:

  • You can select a deducted page for your wishlist 
  • Select the placement for the shortcode ‘Add to wishlist 
  • Enables users to show the “Add to Wishlist’’ button in different places of your website
  • Allows users to share their Wishlist on social networking sites 
  • The plugin allows users to create multiple wishlists

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Satisfied customers are the best marketers, so why not utilize them to get positive reviews? 

If you are looking for a WooCommerce plugin to collect customer reviews easily, then this is your tool. This WooCommerce plugin sends automated emails to the customers right after a transaction takes place.     

The plugin also improves the standard of the reviews of WooCommerce with additional features. It also reassures the customers by answering their questions on a product page area. As a result, your shop’s engagement, customer loyalty, SEO, and sales outcome get improved with social proof. In addition, the plugin also syncs with additional services and verifies customer reviews. 

Features that make it a great choice for your WooCommerce store:

  • Customers will get automated or manual review reminder emails
  • Collect enhanced reviews that include ratings, images, voting, and filtering option
  • You can include offers on your website in exchange for reviews
  • The plugin supports Google Shopping integration
  • Users can also import and export their reviews  

Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Generally, visitors must scroll down to see additional information on product pages. Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce allows you to divide product information and other details into separate tabs. Therefore, your product page becomes more organized with consolidated tabs. Besides, It allows you to label tabs with information such as descriptions, specs, reviews, and more.

You can include various content types, including photos, video, and text, on the tabs that you want to add to your store.  In addition, you can manage the tabs with a regular WordPress editor without applying any custom coding.  

Features that make it a great choice for your online store:

  • Store owners will get simple tabs on product pages after a quick installation.
  • All the tabs are editable via a basic WordPress editor
  • Users can save a tab and stick it into other product pages 
  • If necessary, the tab data can be exported together with your product data.
  • Shortcodes, pictures, text, and other items can be added to any tab.

PickPlugins Product Slider for WooCommerce

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

If you are looking for a smooth product slider, this is one of the best  WooCommerce plugins for WordPress sites. You can create eye-catching sliders and display your products in an appealing format. Simply engage your customers instantly by grabbing their attention visually. 

You may use this plugin to show the product slide on multiple pages of your website. You can construct an unlimited number of sliders using the shortcode option. In addition, the plugin provides a layout builder for creating a customized product slider. As a result, you may utilize your imagination to develop a one-of-a-kind carousel slider.

Features that make it an outstanding choice for your WooCommerce store:

  • Choose your page or post and dd a product slider on it 
  • All the sliders are device optimized, so you’ll get a perfect view on desktop and mobile. 
  • Numerous types of sliders are available, including the carousel, touch &  drag, coloring feature, etc.  
  • The plugin can sort out and remove out of stock products for the sliders 
  • Offers 20+ navigational ribbons.
  • Users can add unlimited products and sliders 
  • Sliders are fully customizable 

CTX Feed – WooCommerce Product Feed Generator 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

For Multi-channel product marketing, CTX Feed is one of the best product feed generator plugins for WooCommerce. Create an optimized and complete data feed for giant marketing channels including Google, Facebook, and many more. This tool actually opens a unique doorway to advertising that requires less effort. 

To create shopping ads from any channel, you must have a product feed ready. Hence, your product feed must follow the guideline of different channels for proper formatting. This plugin includes built-in templates for 100+ marketing channels. Moreover, you can update your feed within a few clicks. The CTX Feed pro plugin offers tremendous additional features for configuring the feed file in an advanced way.

The following features make it one of the finest WooCommerce product feed generator plugins:

  • No matter how big your store is, create an unlimited feed for countless products
  • Includes the most user-friendly user interface where you won’t need to change tabs repeatedly
  • Users won’t need to create a feed file from scratch because there are 100+ built-in templates.
  • The plugin enables you to create custom templates if a template is not available in the plugin
  • You can Include all the product attributes of your store’s product  to create a rich feed file 
  • Map your WooCommerce product category dynamically with any channel’s category.


Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

You may already have an eCommerce store online which is up and running and generating sales. We think that knowing how people find and utilize your website makes it simple to quadruple your traffic and sales. MonsterInsights gives you the stats and analytics related to your website that are significant. Therefore, you can improve your business outcome with full throttle.  

MonsterInsight integrates Google Analytics with your WordPress and WooCommerce sites. As a consequence, you may quickly obtain comprehensive business information. Furthermore, you’ll get the advanced capabilities of Google Analytics features within a few clicks. In addition, you can get a performance report for your WooCommerce store in the WordPress dashboard.

Features that make it one of the best WooCommerce plugins to get Google Analytics: 

  • You can effortlessly set Google Analytics on your website with all the advanced features
  • It does not require any coding or complex technical knowledge to setup 
  • It comes with a pre-built Google Analytics dashboard that you will get on the WordPress dashboard
  • You will get all the stats that are significant and required for your store 
  • With this plugin, you can display the popular products on your site. 

All in One SEO 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Currently, there is massive competition in the marketplace, and everyone wants to stay on top of search results. Therefore, you should focus on your website’s SEO as a WooCommerce store owner. The plugin boosts your marketing efforts to get a higher position in the competition. 

All in One SEO is by far the ideal WooCommerce WordPress plugin for a full SEO solution for your website. Therefore, it reduces the need to hire an SEO specialist for your website. However, it takes it a step further and optimizes it for WooCommerce.

Features that make it a great SEO tool for your WooCommerce store: 

  • Simply optimize the SEO title of your products 
  • Auto-generate meta descriptions for your store’s product pages 
  • You can easily optimize all your product’s images, categories, and tags
  • Enhance the default WooCommerce option by utilizing the breadcrumbs
  • Index your products more effectively by generating XML sitemaps and product category sitemaps

Discount Rules for WooCommerce 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Customers are always eager to get a discount and coupons from a store. Therefore, you should offer discounts to grab users’ attention and increase your sales. 

Discount Rules is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce that allows you to create dynamic pricing and discounts. You can display discounts globally on different pages of your website. Especially, display the discounts in an eye-catching format on your product page. 

The plugin lets you display different types of discounts such as bulk discounts, advanced discounts, etc. Besides, you can also apply discounts based on product variations. The pro version offers you exclusive features such as category-based discounts, user roles, etc.  

Features that make it one of the best WooCommerce plugins to increase sales: 

  • Options to apply discounts globally in your online store
  • Apply percentage-based discounts in your store 
  • Execute discounts based on quantity range and percentage
  • Enable discount option in carts and order total 
  • Exclude your selected products from discount rules 


Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Optinmonster is one of the best plugins for WooCommerce for lead generation and conversion. It assists you in converting website visitors and cart abandoners into potential prospects.

You can significantly reduce your WooCommerce store’s cart abandonment with this plugin. Moreover, you can grow your email list, display targeted website messages, and ultimately boost sales. 

The signature feature of Optinmonster called “Exit-intent technology” is highly efficient for WooCommerce. This intelligent feature of this plugin tracks customer behavior on your site and prompts them custom ads before they leave. As a result, you will face less cart abandonment. Apart from its basic features, you can also utilize this plugin for upselling and cross-selling. 

Features that make it an outstanding plugin: 

  • Displays numerous pop ups to the site visitors and customers to grab their attention 
  • Reduces marketing workflow by allowing you to create custom popups within minutes.
  • The pre-built popup templates of this plugin save your time 
  • Includes onsite retargeting option 
  • Exit-intent popup technology displays popups to cart abandoning visitors before exiting the store
  • Popup comes with sophisticated page targeting and behavior-based customization. 

Challan – PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

As a customer, you will be expecting an invoice after placing an order in an online store. This is because you aren’t able to see a product physically. Therefore, you want proof or a document that displays all the information related to your orders. In addition, PDF invoices and packing slips apply a professional impression in a WooCommerce store.  

Challan is one of the best PDF invoice and packing slip generator plugins for WooCommerce. It automatically generates an invoice when a customer order takes place and sends it to that customer. Hence, customers get an email including the invoice & packing slip based on their order status. 

The plugin includes a variety of templates that are easily customizable. Users can download the PDF invoice & packing slip in bulk whenever they want. Store managers can easily manage the sales and purchase process via this unique plugin. 

  • Easily create and manage invoices in a PDF format 
  • The flexible user interface includes all the options in one interface 
  • Includes a variety of customization features 
  • Can download the invoice and packing slip in a bulk amount 
  • Invoice and packing slips are attachable with the order email 
  • Provides a detailed order total information including the TAX, VAT, and other costs

YITH WooCommerce Quick View 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Unoptimized product image is a common issue for WooCommerce store owners. Sometimes the product image is too small in a product list which is not clearly visible. Therefore, you have to open the image in a new tab which takes extra time to get a clear view. You must keep in mind that images are one of the most important components in capturing the attention of customers.

YITH WooCommerce quick view enables you to include a quick view option for WooCommerce products. Undoubtedly, It is one of the best WooCommerce plugins to increase sales innovatively. Customers may easily view product details by hovering their mouse over a button. Furthermore, consumers may obtain product details without leaving the shop page’s product listing.

Features that make it an ideal plugin for viewing WooCommerce product images: 

  • Add an AJAX button to the product loop that opens a modal window displaying the product summary.
  • Reconfigure the style of the modal with a customization option
  • Saves time by displaying a clear image with a quick view option 
  • A lightbox popup allows users to see larger product images, product descriptions, and the “Add to Cart” button. 

WordPress Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce – LiveChat 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Your WooCommerce shop should have a live chat option to give exceptional customer service. The WordPress Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce adds a live chat window to your WooCommerce website. Additionally, you can quickly manage this plugin from your WordPress website’s backend.

The plugin combines several elements within your WooCommerce interface. Therefore, your customers will get a unified customer service experience. The comprehensive features of this plugin track visitors, trigger messages & feedback. 

Features of WordPress Live Chat Plugin for WooCommerce that makes it unique:

  • Enables a stunning and highly customizable live chatbox on your WooCommerce site
  • The plugin’s visitor tracking function allows you to analyze your clients’ activity on your site. You will also get notifications when our customer wants assistance.
  • Your rep can collect customer feedbacks while using the Live chat feature
  • Offline communications are converted into support tickets. Therefore, you can reach out to your customers later.
  • You can analyze your reps’ performance by logging into this tool 
  • The plugin offers multi-channel communication features. 

WooCommerce Multilingual 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

In this competitive era of eCommerce multi-language websites are a major requirement. WooCommerce Multilingual plugin combines the WooCommerce platform with the renowned WPML plugin. By changing the language of your site, this wonderful tool provides the finest experience for your users.

The plugin translates any WooCommerce website’s products, pages, and categories. Thus, it accurately displays the website in the translated language. Moreover, users can also view their preferred currency by converting it using the plugin. 

Features of WPML that make it one of the best plugins for WooCommerce:

  • It’s compatible with WooCommerce and a variety of popular WooCommerce plugins. 
  • The plugin quickly converts your selected texts into the language of your preference.
  • Translation can be applied to almost anything on your website. For example, products, collections, texts on the homepage, etc. 
  • Within a single click, users can change the currencies
  • Users can convert multiple texts and currencies at the same time
  • The language on the cart page and checkout process can also be converted
  • Emails sent by your website can also display the language of your preference

YITH WooCommerce Compare

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

We’ve previously mentioned some YITH Woocommerce plugins because of the rich features they have. With YITH WooCommerce Compare, users can compare the features of the products of a WooCommerce store. 

Basically, after installing the plugin, you just need to set the attributes that you want to compare for each item. After setting up the attributes, enable the compare button so that customers can compare the products. The plugin displays the compared products to the customers via a popup window. 

  • It does not require any coding and allows quick features to boost user experience for the shoppers. 
  • Apply the product compare button anywhere on your WooCommerce website.
  • You can choose the comparable features that are to be shown in a table 
  • Product comparison comes with a popup so customers are not going to another page. Therefore, shopping is not interrupted by the pop-up windows. 
  • Customers can include items from the comparison popup to the cart
  • You can customize the pop-up and adjust elements such as button text, table title, and image size. 


Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Automation is rising, and this tool provides you with the perfect email automation features. WP Mail SMTP  is one of the best email delivery WooCommerce plugins for WordPress. 

Are you sending emails to your customers regularly via your WooCommerce site? If you are having issues while sending emails from your WordPress site? No worries, WP Mail SMTP is there for your complete email delivery solutions. You can manage all your emails, and you can configure them correctly. 

Surprisingly, over two million websites are using WP mail SMTP service to fix email-related issues. You can reliably reach your customers by sending emails using this great tool. Moreover, your emails will not be marked as spam on your customer’s email account. 

Features of WP Mail SMTP that makes it a perfect Email delivery tool:

  • The plugin supports SMTP servers and also email provider APIs so you can send emails via SMTP
  • You can select your favorite email service provider such as Gmail via this tool for sending emails
  • The setup wizard is very user-friendly where you can set up any provider or SMTP server. Your effort gets minimized 
  • You can track every email logs and, contents, headers, and also search specific messages
  • Manage all your delivered emails from WordPress Dashboard
  • Backup all your email logs in CSV, EML, or XLS format to track deliverability
  • Save the email attachments on your system whenever you want 


WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Obviously, you want consumers to pay directly through your WooCommerce store. WooCommerce Stripe offers the finest option for accepting credit card payments on your site. Major eCommerce sites around the world use this excellent tool for getting payments.

WooCommerce does not include default functionality for accepting payments from multiple payment gateways. However, the plugin offers extensive functionality for connecting to your Stripe account.

Features of WooCommerce Stripe that makes it one of the best payment gateway plugin: 

  • Customers rely on this plugin due to its security 
  • On WooCommerce store accepts all major debit and credit card payments via Stripe 
  • Your site can accept local payments via this plugin 
  • It accepts alternative payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, etc. 
  • The plugin also approves recurring payments

WOOF- Products Filter for WooCommerce 

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Want to add out-of-the-box search capabilities and a configurable product search option to your website? WOOF is one of the best plugins for  WooCommerce that provides excellent search functionality on your site. You won’t need any coding knowledge because this amazing tool is very user-friendly and feature-rich. 

The premium version of this plugin enriches the search capability with unique filter settings. Some advanced features include SKU, color, image, slider for taxonomy, dropdown for hierarchy, etc. Moreover, the advanced option will provide you statistical data on search queries.  

Features of WOOF- Products Filter for WooCommerce that makes it outstanding: 

  • By using the shortcode and widget, you can enable product filters anywhere on your website
  • The plugin offers Ajax support for loading the search results quickly
  • You can make the filtering process more accessible by using metadata, SKU, price, etc. 
  • Analyze the search data and get more insight about your customers with the search statistics
  • You can grow the conversion rate with the product messenger option. It allows customers to subscribe to the product filter combination and get the exact product on search results

Dokan – Best WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solution

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

By far, the most powerful WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin is Dokan Multivendor. It provides the quickest and easiest method to set up a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba. 

Dokan, unlike other WooCommerce plugins, includes a comprehensive one-of-a-kind interface for sellers. Vendors will get a personalized dashboard to monitor and maintain their business activities.

Moreover, this tool allows you to supervise every activity that is taking place in the marketplace. You may manually redirect vendor registration, product publishing, and other processes as necessary.

Key features of Dokan Multivendor Plugin: 

  • Users will get independent stores with a lucrative storefront 
  • Individual Dashboards are given to the users to manage their products and get useful insights on sales. 
  • Vendors can manage and customize both their shop and their public profile.
  • It allows vendors to handle their stores’ shipping separately
  • The plugin efficiently aligns with all WooCommerce themes 

Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

If you are looking for the easiest to export orders, then Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce is your tool. The flexibility of supporting the file format is one of the key features of this plugin. The plugin supports different file formats, including CSV, XLS, XML & JSON. 

Using this plugin, you may export any custom fields provided to orders. Additionally, you can rename labels, reorder columns, export custom fields or terms related to orders. Easily export orders if you want to send order data to third-party drop shippers. You can easily update the accounting system and analyze the order plans of your WooCommerce store.  

  • You can choose various fields to export 
  • Includes support for the file formats including XLS, CSV, TSV, XML, and JSON
  • It offers a customization option to reorder the columns
  • You will get options to export WooCommerce custom fields and terms for products or orders
  • Apply effective filters on your WooCommerce website
  • Run “Export as..” a bulk operation after marking your WooCommerce orders 

Table Rate for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping

Top 20 Must Use Plugins For Woocommerce Virtual Stores

Table Rate for WooCommerce is known as the most sophisticated shipping plugin for WooCommerce. It has gained the title of one of the best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress due to its features. Customers can get the accurate shipping cost based on the product’s weight and cart total. Besides, you can enable your customers to get the minimum and maximum shopping values. 

For long-distance shipping, the plugin provides efficient support. On top of this, you can display certain shopping methods for the registered users. Obviously, you can provide details by adding titles and descriptions for your shipping methods. 

Features that make Table Rate for WooCommerce a great shipping plugin: 

  • Displays a detailed cart total value including the minimum and maximum value 
  • A feature that allows you to provide chose shipping methods only to the registered users
  • Provides free shipping coupons support ( Pro version )
  • Shipping cost is visible based on the quantity of the product  (Pro Version)
  • Free shipping override option  is available 

Wrapping Up 

So that’s all!

We have mentioned the top 20  Must Use Plugins to maximize the performance of your  WooCommerce Store. We hope it will help you choose the plugin that you can utilize to take your virtual store to the next level. 

However, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding any plugin or add any more information feel free to comment below. 

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