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Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure from Hackers. Here we listed top plugins of all time to take your WordPress website to a next level via security

No matter, which kind of online presence you have? You have to take care about your security? The most dangerous thing about the surface internet is “it is less secure and you are always at the verge of attack”. Each of the platform is provided with tools and tips to secure your online presence. So does the WordPress. Here we are going to discuss; Top 10 Best WordPress Security Plugins to secure from hackers.

Best Wordpress Security Plugins

But before moving to the actual topic, let take a deep dive. How Internet security works? Why it is necessary? And how we can keep our data safe.

How Internet Security Works?

No matter, you have which kind of nature. You always want to keep your data safe from others. Sometime, you call it your privacy. The data which being useful for you have the same worth for hackers. So

The internet security is the use of tools of possible way of hackers attack.

It means to protect your data including your id card name, id card number, debit card info and other things. Similarly, it also include to protect yourself from being in control of others. It means that no one can get access to your personal social and online accounts to spoil your character or business image.

Why Online Security is necessary?

The thing of interest for your haters, competitors and hackers is your data. You have to take care of your credential information by yourself. Whether it is your very personal data or social data. So there are following possible reasons, you may have, that make online security necessary.

  • No one can get to your personal information i.e. Personal ID card usage, Debit Card etc.
  • No one can get access to your social accounts i.e. login information.
  • You don’t like to have interference of others on your own blog or website.
  • This is the basics about online security, but the question is;

How you can keep yourself secure?

You may have heard; “Modern problems require modern solution”. This quote applies to online security as it. The problems related to online security are always new for a general, even a technical user. The one method, through which one has attacked someone, works no longer for other.

As the intensity and type of any cyber attack changes, the security layers get the more and more complex. This is the basic concept. But you might be pondering, “Still, didn’t get the answer?” The answer is simple. You can keep yourself secure by taking good security measures by tools for a specific platform. Similarly, there are some common settings, which can also help in protecting yourself.

Common Security Mistakes to Avoid in WordPress:

Before moving to the use and list of wordpress security plugins, let’s have a look over the common security mistakes.

You need to avoid them in order to ensure the better security plans and keep your content safe.

Week Admin Password:

The very first and common mistake of WordPress users is a week admin password. It can expose your admin panel to others. Week administration password can cost you a total of the data loss. Moreover, it can cost you of a clean wipe of your WordPress site data. However, this mistake can be avoided by improving your login credentials and setting a strong password.

In order to set a strong password, you have to consider following rules;

  • Use a password of 8 Characters, which is enough powerfull. Make sure to keep your password in both upper and lower case characters along with some special characters i.e. $, @, ^, % etc.
  • Never use a password, which you are using for some other account, in WordPress or Outside of WordPress.

Outdated Plugins, Themes and WordPress Versions:

Older version of any plugin, theme or even WordPress core is not good for your site health and security. It means that you always need to get updated in your files running behind your WordPress website. There is an option of auto-updates for those, who are really busy in their work. However, it is suggessted to do each update manually by taking backup of a previous plugin, theme or even the whole wordpress.

Low Quality or Cheap Shared Hosting:

Most of the newbies, want to start their blogging or site journey with a less budget. In such a situation, they buy a cheap shared hosting for their wordpress self-hosted site. But things to keep in mind are; you are always at a risk of losing your data.

In the same way, in a shared hosting, any one can get access to your site and remove your site data by a half or a complete.

So the things, regarding your WordPress security does not apply only on the plugins usage, but you need to have a good knowledge about basics.

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Things to Lookup in a WordPress Security Plugin:

Now back to the topic and proceed our discussion. Let’s have a deep look over the features, you need to consider while making your choice about any of the WordPress plugin;

Help in Detecting Malwares, Trojons or Worms

The most common method for a hacker is to leach into your administration by injecting the worms, malwares or trojans. These are different kinds of virus that live in your site environment and send the required and essential data to their developers.

Such a viruses mostly come from your common mistakes such as using nulled plugins or themes. But sometimes, you got them from the authorized official websites in the form of a bug.

So the very first priority in this regard is having a good plugin that can detect the malwares from older to newer one.

Doesn’t Effect Website Loading Speed

Loading speed matters the most in ranking higher in search engines especially in the most popular i.e. Google, Bing and Yandex. If you are using or planning to use a plugin that effect your site speed, then it is worst choice.

You need to study about the file size and its impact on your loading speed or check it in a test installation.

Implement Firewalls

The main purpose of any blog, website or online web page is to gain traffic by displaying the worthy content. But, if you are thinking all of the website driving to your website is safe and real. You are having a childish thoughts.

Unfortunately, hackers are always there to leach into your website credentials to hack it. A firewall make a sense between real and fake traffic. You should always choose a security plugin, that implment an effective firewall security to your website.

Quick Support

Support of any premium product or service matters half of the real package. You not only pay for the product or service, but you also pay for a good and friendly support. You need to choose and go for a plugin that is always in front of you regarding support.

Top 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins to secure your Site from hackers:

Unfortunately, the Core WordPress has not fulfilled the need of good and advance security measures. But thanks to the plugins and WordPress developers, that make it possible for the giant WordPress community. By now, there are almost 41% of the entire websites are using WordPress CMS. It means, that these plugins are first soldiers for these sites protection.

Here we have listed 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins, one after the other. But, you are the one, who have to take the decisions; which plugin fits best to you? How much are you serious about your security?

1. Sucuri

Sucuri is always a first choice for WordPress web-owners.  This amazing plugin is available in two versions i.e. free and premium. The premium plans start from 16 to 17$/ month in general. Free version is provided with less modules and provide a less control. On the other hand, a premium version gives an extra level of modules and features.


Sucuri WordPress Plugin is an all one choice for all kinds of security issues. You can easily enhance and harden the exisiting security layers of your website. Moreover, it adds the firewall protection against the spamy bots ip and attackers.

No prior knowledge is required for the plugin installatin or usage. All of the things need a single click installation and easy configuration module.

The working principle of sucuri, just like other amazing wordpress security pugin is more actice and devided into two steps. One step include the theme and plugins files comparison with the one’s present in its own database. However, in the second step, it process all of the data from site scanner SiteCheck. If any of the vulnerability is founded in the files, it take down it by immediate action.

Here are some of the amazing features of Sucuri WordPress Plugin:

  • A well developed workable Sucuri Site Scanner SiteChecker.
  • Complete files monitoring.
  • Complete on site urls, data and content protection.
  • Malware scanning and virus’s protection.
  • Empower a blacklist monitoring.
  • Quick notifications about security breach.
  • Very quick response if any of the issue detected on any section of the site.
  • Effective firewall protection is included in the premium version.
  • Has the power to provide security during a hack attack or after a hack attack.

2. WordFence Security

WordFence Security is one of most popular and widely used security plugin for WordPress. It is also available in both the free and premium version. It is a comprehensive and all in one solution to all kind of security for your online presence.

Wordfence Premium Free Download

The free version is available for installation in default WP library. On the other hand, a premium version include the addition of firewall and other cloud features to the free version of the plugin.

The thing that make it to stand out from others is its one of the largt malware samples database. Not only an updated database, but new types of malware available online are being added to it more frequently.

The working principle of the plugin is simple. It scans all of the core files against the hash codes stored in WordFence Malware signature database. Along with core files, it has the capacity to scan and filter out the themes and plugisn files.

The database has a collection of malware signatures including the phising URL’s, suspicious codes, malicious iframes and backdoors.

The features that make WordFence Security Plugin so popular include.

  • Enhances the basic login security by forcing you to setup the complex and strong password.
  • Quick security alert in the event of security issues.
  • Keep your site ready to defend the latest security attacks.
  • Easy and configurable security alerts.
  • Security incidents recovery tools
  • Blocks the complex and normal brute force attacks via firewall protection.
  • Real time updates with real time protection.
  • Capable of providing the server side protection.

3. iThemes Security Plugin

iThemes Security plugin is a one of the most recommended security plugin for users of iThemes products. It is a most powerful and trusted Security plugin, providing best solution for website security. iThemes offer the most modere and update malware scanning via its updated malware signature database.

Ithemes Security Plugin

Just like the above mentioned security plugins for wordpress, iThemes Security Plugin provide the better options in its premium plan. A free version is available to download and use for free from WP directory. Similarly, you can choose from various monthly and yearly plans on premium version.

With thousands of users, and many of the great ratings, iThemes Security Plugin has its own fan following. It provides all in one solution in a single pack. Moreover, it has the ability to scan each of the single core files. Along with the basic scanning, you can prevent malicious content and codes in plugins and themes files.

Not only to the files, but it provide protection from infringing content and media files to affect your site. All you need to do is to install the plugin, run the quick or detailed analysis and you are done. The plugin works in an automated environment without giving you the burdon of technical knowledge. This automated process also help in saving your time.

Some of the awesome features of iThemes WP Security Plugin are listed below:

  • One click setup and scan all of the malicious content according the modern viruses’ signature database.
  • Provides the firewall protection to prevent severe security attack.
  • Blacklist mechanism for ip’s causing trouble to site.
  • Empower the login details by force setup of strong password.
  • A separate section on your WP Dashboard for managing security issues.
  • Control spamming on each of the single page allowing users base content i.e. comments.
  • Quick security Alert and related information.
  • Real Time Protection with latest and quick update.

4. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

In the list of 5 WordPress Security Plugins, the 4th choice is Quttera Malware Scanner Plugin. It take immediate action to scan your site from malwares and protect against the harmful malwares. The most important thing that make it to stand out from others is its capcity and ability to scan each kind of data. It can easily scan the complication Javascripti, malicious iframes, and auto-generated malcious content and much other.

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

With more than 10000+ loyal users and thousands of subscription user are using it to make their site more secure and user friendly. Its name is being on the name of its officials Quettra. The latest updates keeps on providing with the new features and bug fixes found in previous versions.

One of the most important thing about Quterra is that it is free of cost. It means that you can get it from your default WordPress directory and use it for free. Moreover, it does not have any of the other plans to restrict its features or tools usage.

Below are some of the most outstanding features of Quttera WordPress Security Plugins.

  • A detailed and quick scan option integrate the one-click installation.
  • All kinds of latest and unkown malwares, trojons and worms detection ability.
  • Detects and help in customizing the external links on your site.
  • Blacklist the status of your site in case of any vulnerability to avoid effect on your searches and SERP’s from specific ip’s.
  • An advance level of artificial intelligence scan eligibility make it smoother in its working.
  • Uses cloud technology for better content protection.
  • Detect all kinds of PHP malwares, PHP shells injections and much more.

5. Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall

Among the most usable plugins regarding security in WordPress, Anti-malware security and bruteforce firewall has its own fan base. It has the ability to scan entire site to get rid of all of the possible security threats. Not only in scanning, but the plugin is very effective in eliminating unusable extra rendering malicious scripts and block malware’s like SoakSoak.

Anti-Malware Security And Brute-Force Firewall

Along with its strong database having all of the udpated Regex signatures, it download new updates smoothly to protect against possible threats. Again the plugin is devided among the two versions i.e. free with limited tools and a premium plugin with various purchasing plans.

In simple protection, it has an ability to protect your site login by enabling the strong password. This help in protecting your site against the common Ddos and Brute Force attack. However, in premium features, you can easily prevent the injections with a combination of a good host.

When it comes to complex issues, Anti-Malware Security and BruteForce firewall plugin provides with a detailed monitoring over the core files, plugin’s files and theme files. It also provide a strick monitoring over the media files and common files.

Below are some of the core features of this security plugin:

  • Quick scan and monitoring over all kinds of files in host database site folder.
  • Wild protection against the most common and updated threats.
  • Premium and Free Version work togethor and provide effeciency to site performance.
  • Definitions update is automated, no need to manual register and update each time.
  • Provides the patch WP-Login to protect against Brute-Force and Common D-Dos Attacks.
  • Detect and remove malicious iframes, images and javascript code.
  • Firewall protection for bot traffic and other threats.

Final Thoughts

Let me conclude the article by saying “now you are not only an ordinary person who have basic knowledge about WP Security”. Now you are provided with a detailed list of 5 WordPress security plugins. Similarly, you are provided with a best environment and basics to choose one of your choice.

We made this article handy to get main points to you. It is not only a direct forcing list. But you are the one, who will decide whether these plugins fit best to you or not. We have provided that are most trustable in market. You can go for another one, as you are knowledgable enough, which may be not included in list.

Let us know, if you have any suggestion. You can comment down your relatable questions or ask us via direct contact.

If this article helped you in any way, share it with your friends and geeks, who are really in need of such articles.

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