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Meta Box Builder v4.1.7 Addon

Meta Box Builder V4.1.7 Addon

Use the Meta Box Builder extension to expand the Meta Box plugin, and drag and drop your way to creating the custom meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress you want without any of the hassle. Whether you have no previous coding experience or…

Meta Box Columns v1.2.12 Addon

Meta Box Columns V1.2.12 Addon

Meta Box Columns is an extension of the Meta Box plugin which can reorganize fields by putting them in the same row aiming to have a better layout, and see/add information easier. It supports to organize fields in a 12-column grid with ease. When developers register…

Meta Box Views v1.8.3 Addon

Meta Box Views V1.8.3 Addon

You want to get values of Meta Box fields and put them on your front-end templates, but you’re not too familiar with coding and don’t want to touch theme files? MB Views is an extension for Meta Box, which helps you…

Meta Box User Profile v1.7.7 Addon

Meta Box User Profile V1.7.7 Addon

MB User Profile is an extension of the Meta Box plugin that allows you to create register, login and edit profile forms in the frontend. It works similar to MB Frontend Submission, but for the user profile. These forms can be embeded anywhere…

Meta Box User Avatar v1.0.0 Addon

Meta Box User Avatar V1.0.0 Addon

MB User Avatar is a WordPress plugin that provides you with a simple way to add custom avatars for users. Since WordPress only supports Gravatar and doesn’t allow users to upload/use their own images as avatars, this plugin will help you…

Meta Box Testimonials v1.1.0 Addon

Meta Box Testimonials V1.1.0 Addon

MB Testimonials is a WordPress plugin that helps you add testimonials to your website easily. You can show it in a grid or slider and choose from 7 built-in nice looking templates or customize the template if you want. Salient Features of Testimonials – Extension for…

Meta Box Favorite Posts v2.0.1 Addon

Meta Box Favorite Posts V2.0.1 Addon

MB Favorite Posts is a WordPress plugin that lets your users bookmark your posts as favorites that they can view later. Think about it like a wish list of items in an e-commerce store. The plugin works with both guests and logged-in…

Meta Box Frontend Submission v3.1.2 Addon

Meta Box Frontend Submission V3.1.2 Addon

MB Frontend Submission is a Meta Box extension which lets developers create custom forms so users can submit posts on the front end of a website. The extension supports both traditional post fields and custom fields, and you can also embed forms anywhere on…